4 Roles of Vaping Devices in Helping People Quit Smoke

According to an NCBI report, every 4 out of 10 Australians have overcome their smoking habit. Many young Australians are switching to alternatives to tobacco smoking to get rid of this habit slowly.

Companies like Vaporesso and others have launched many vapes in the market to provide alternative options to young Australians.

This article will explore how these vaping devices are helping people quit smoking.

What is a vape?

Vape is a colloquial term which is known as E-cigarettes. They look like electronic USB devices, just like pen drives. The device heats the liquid container and releases it in smoke form.

When opting for vaping, one will be exposed to less harmful chemicals, and it will eventually not damage the cellular mechanism of your body.

How does a vape pen function?

Vaping devices are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colours. Many brands like VooPoo, Vaporesso, VaporDNA, and many more manufacture vaping devices for adults.

It simulates the conventional method of smoking tobacco and is used as a helping tool to quit tobacco addiction. It comprises an atomiser, a refillable container having e-liquid, and a power source.

The power source heats the e-liquid, and the atomiser releases it in the form of vapour. The e-liquid has a flavour that works as an alternative to tobacco smoke.

How popular is vaping in Australia?

Some verified reports suggest positive statistics about people vaping in Australia.

  • Between 2016 and 2019, the percentage of young adults opting to vape increased from 9% to 11%
  • 18% of people who had tried vape devices switched to it entirely on a monthly and daily basis
  • 8% of current tobacco smokers are using vape devices every month to get rid of the habit

The brighter side of using vape devices

Looking at the rate of people in Australia switching to vape devices, it becomes essential to highlight the same benefits.

  • 95% less harmful: Due to lack of combustion and no exposure to tar and carbon monoxide, vaping prevents health damage. Smoke-free habits enhance the health of the heart and lungs alongside improving the sense of taste and smell.
  • Reduction in Nicotine intake: There are various flavours and base compositions available in e-liquid refills. You can control the nicotine dosage and gradually eliminate it from your routine.
  • Relief from passive smoking: Switching to a vape device prevent people around you from inhaling harmful smoke passively. Vape has an aroma, unlike the uncomfortable odour of smoke.
  • Choice of flavours: E-liquid has multiple flavours in e-liquid for every palate. These range from fruits, herbs, desserts, and menthol, to tobacco and beverages.
  • Accessibility: Considering the safety of the vaping device, one can find them online and offline stores. Many licensed brands like Freemax, Vaporfi, Vaporesso and others manufacture good quality vapes in Australia.
  • Easy to switch: It doesn’t require any experience and the usability is very simple. Vaping devices are also starting from a very pocket-friendly price. Hence, it becomes easy for people to quit tobacco smoking.

As a person trying to quit smoking, you will receive multiple benefits from brands like JUUL, Vaporesso, and others on similar lines. But, it is essential to remain mindful of its usage and make slow changes in the habit.

It is advisable to gradually switch from tobacco to vape devices and finally to herbal vaporisers.

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