5 Benefits of Using Rooftop Tiles

By nature, tiled roofs look beautiful and happen to be durable at the same time. In many cases, these tiles can last for as long as over 100 years. Traditionally most tiles were made of fired clay, slate or terracotta. But now, most are made of stained cast concrete. These tiles come in various shapes and forms, ranging from curved, flat or ribbed in many styles and colours.

Rooftop tiles are the perfect choice for roofs that are exposed to a varied range of temperatures or which are exposed to salty air. This is why tiled roofs can be witnessed on most houses close to the shores across the globe. These residential and commercial roof tiles are also suitable for places that experience copious amounts of rainfall. Most of these styles are perfectly suited for removing the precipitation from cloudbursts.

This article shall cover all the benefits rooftop tiles bring you and the building.

Advantages of Rooftop Tiles

Highly Durable

The most incredible aspect of rooftop tiles is their very nature to last extremely long. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, which other roofing systems can’t boast of. They provide great ventilation and wear resistance. They act as natural water drainage systems, safeguarding you from incurring additional costs.

The mass of the tiles, along with the technology incorporated with its construction, makes it a robust and ideal roofing solution in various regions.

Attractive Aesthetics

Whether they are residential or commercial rooftop tiles, they are charming to look at. Most times, natural materials and sources of the mixture are used to develop the tiles. These sources include clay and iron oxide too. These materials are often used in the development of concrete tiles that not only make them look great but also make them durable.

While most roofing systems tend to discolour due to prolonged exposure to the sun, tiles retain their colours for a very long time. They are resistant to being exposed to wear elements for prolonged times and last for approximately half a century before they can begin to fade.

Varied Choices

There is a wide range of designs, styles and colour options available at the market regarding rooftop tiles. Whether it’s a multicolour roof, light shades, black tile roofs or ceramic tiles, you would have a wide range of options to choose from to satisfy your needs. Along with the advancements in modern developments of concrete shingles, you can also explore many exclusive roof designs.

From contemporary, Mediterranean, or historical designs, you can come across various designs that match your style. Also, tiles can be found in flat, round, or wavy designs. Sometimes, the designs and styles mimic old roofing tiles materials too. If these options aren’t good enough, you could always have custom shingles made as per your requirements. This way, the permutations and combinations available in residential and commercial rooftop tiles are virtually endless.

Low Maintenance

These roofing materials have a great service life. In this way, you wouldn’t have taken the trouble of replacing and redoing your house often. Most tiles remain intact, functional, and beautiful for a very long time.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturing tiles doesn’t cause the depletion of natural resources. They are ecological and do not require preservatives laden with chemicals during manufacturing and developmental processes. Also, thanks to the long life of tiles, the necessity to close landfills and fill them is reduced to a great extent.

Summing Up

In recent times tiles have gone through massive developments that have significantly brought down many of the problems that existed in tiles of old technologies. The tiles produced now are considerably lighter in weight and do not need additional expensive reinforcements. So by diminishing the disadvantages and maintaining or bettering the advantages that come with them, the demand for residential and commercial rooftop tiles has continued to grow with the advent of time.

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