Air Jordans: Benefits & Buying Tips

Air Jordan is an American brand of casual and athletic clothing and basketball shoes produced by the multinational corporation Nike, Inc. This shoe brand was created for Michael Jordan, a former NBA basketball player. Due to the unique design, Nike Air Jordan has gained popularity and is a must-have sneaker. Its style and status have led many affluent people to purchase it. Apart from being popular, it makes an excellent investment. There are several advantages to buying an Air Jordan. To know all about it, read on!

What are the advantages of buying Air Jordans?

Air Jordans are exclusive footwear and a premium-quality product. They provide excellent support and comfort to the wearers.

  1. They are made from the best quality: Nike Air Jordans are popular because they are created from the highest-quality material. The cost of the products is directly proportional to the quality of the materials utilised for manufacturing. Although they are made from the best materials, they are not so exorbitant. These unique and high-quality shoes are reasonably-priced compared to their competition.
  2. They are designed wonderfully: Air Jordans are created with unique and great designs. Although they might be basketball shoes, you will find people of different cultures and ages wearing them in various outfits. Even if you are not a basketball fan, you will still love wearing them. After all, they have such stylish designs that nobody will want to reject.
  3. They provide added comfort and support: Everyone is looking for shoes that offer them more comfort and support. Nike Air Jordans will provide you with substantial comfort and support. Many people love wearing shoes and have issues such as chronic foot discomfort. If you wear too-tight shoes, it might result in plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Hence, people like the added support and cushioning of the Air Jordan sneakers.

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How to choose Air Jordans?

Air Jordans are a signature line of shoes that can be added to your wardrobe and footwear collection. These sought-out sneakers will help you to complete your evocative look. So, here are a few tips on how to choose them.

  1. Pick from high-top, mid or low-cut designs: You can buy Jordans from designs such as high-top, mid or low-cut. Compared to all Jordan sneakers, the low-cut designs are lightweight and minimalistic. They are perfect for trails, shorter hikes and other less intense activities. Mid Jordans feature a high collar to remove pebbles and dirt. With a metal lacing hook, you can tighten your laces and ensure your feet are in place. High-top designs provide ankle support and protect against sprains. So, you can shop for Jordans depending upon the ankle support required.
  2. Check the size: While looking for the right size, you must purchase a pair of Jordans that are half-size bigger than your usual size. They can get narrow in the front part that houses the toes. It is recommended not to leave shoe space in the front of your toes. You can buy larger pairs but don’t forget to place foam inserts into them.
  3. Consider the colour options: Choosing a pair from different variants can be challenging and baffling, particularly finding the right colour. If you are a sneaker enthusiast, you can get the colour schemes that match your preference and taste. Common colours include New colourway and OG. OG means the original colour scheme of the sneakers. For example, the original colour scheme for Jordan 4 is white cement; whereas for Jordan 1, it is red and black. The colour scheme of Jordan 1 is based on the colours of the Chicago Bulls. New colourways of the Jordan brand include new colours. Although the original colour scheme is popular, you can purchase colours according to your taste.

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