Best batteries for DeWalt work jackets

Best batteries for DeWalt work jackets

The improvements in the manufacture of batteries over the years have changed the abilities of many products. Now that the batteries are smaller and lighter, they provide many more possibilities. Such as the improvements in the phone industry, cordless tools, and battery-operated workwear. The ability to recharge batteries, their smaller size, and their ability to hold a charge for longer means that things that could never be powered before, or had to use mains power, can now run off the battery. This includes computers, speakers, and workwear. Several varieties of battery-operated clothing are available these days, but here, we will explore Dewalt work jackets and the best batteries for the job.


Technology has continuously improved safety in the workplace by introducing alarms and electric barriers to machinery, adding cameras, and more. Now, however, the improvements we are talking about pertain to workwear. Dewalt work jackets make work more comfortable for the wearer. Thanks to these better battery capabilities, your workers can now stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With built-in heaters across the chest, back, and arms, in winter, your workers will be looking forward to getting out in the cold and warming up in their Dewalt work jackets. Don’t worry; they’ll be able to enjoy summer much more, too, with built-in coolers. They’ll even be able to charge their phones on-site with the USB charger in the pocket of the Dewalt work jacket. You can’t get much more convenient than that.


Like all Dewalt batteries, they are interchangeable between their products and offer a good amount of usage time. The Dewalt work jackets are compatible with the 18V XR and 18V/54V XR Lithium-ion Dewalt batteries and can run for about 5 hours. Three pockets are dedicated to battery storage and a USB charger in Dewalt work jackets. You will get the best life out of your batteries, jacket, and Dewalt by using compatible Dewalt brand batteries. Cheap, knock-off brands of the battery may fit, but the inferior products may shorten the heating life of your Dewalt work jacket.


Make sure you get genuine Dewalt work jackets and batteries by purchasing your products from a reputable dealer with on-hand specialists to help you with any questions or problems. The people we turn to are the team at RS; with their range of products, they can help you get the right fit Dewalt work jackets for your team. Workers feel warm and comfortable and are more productive, and more production means everyone’s happier.

The Dewalt work jacket should use genuine lithium-ion batteries like all Dewalt products. The 18V XR and 18V/54V XR range of batteries are the ones recommended by Dewalt and the team at RS. Whether it is the Dewalt work jacket or batteries that you are looking for, you can get genuine Dewalt products from the team at RS. Call them today about keeping your team warm in their very own Dewalt work jackets.

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