Best Free iPHONE Apps

Best Free iPHONE Apps

The iPHONE is Apple’s darling, a fact. Being considered, for some years, as the best smartphone in the world, it has gained a huge amount of fans, who are willing to update the device whenever each new model is released.

One of the biggest attractions of the iPHONE is the amount of applications available on the APP Store – Apple’s app store. Apps are essential for those who want to make life easier, using technology. There are apps of all kinds, but the most used are still those involving social networks. These, in turn, are completely free and can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Check out some of the  best free iPHONE apps .

Facebook for iPhone

Anyone who can’t go a minute without following all the updates on their timeline on Facebook must have this app installed on their iPHONE. With an interface very similar to the Desktop version, Facebook for iPHONE allows the user to update status, upload videos and photos and enjoy status and photos. Periodically, the application receives updates, which aim to improve and further stabilize the system.


iOS pioneered the launch of the Instagram app, which is now also available to Android users. Instagram is the ideal application for those who want to combine photography with social networks: it inserts filters to your photos, and lets you share them instantly through your favorite social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. A plateful for you to show your photographic talent to the world!


WhatsAPP is the application that has gained the most active users in recent months. Its function, in short, is to facilitate the sending and receiving of messages. The application’s functionality is similar to the simple sending of SMS messages, however, it only occurs between contacts who also have WhatsAPP installed on their iPHONE. The WhatsAPP contact list is based directly on the phone’s contact list. In other words, 100% ease! Those who exchange a lot of messages during the day need WhatsAPP installed on their iPHONE!


It is worth noting that in Apple’s APP Store it is possible to perform a search among all free software available for download. This search can be done either by the name of the app or by a term that defines the app’s function.

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