Best World Cup Betting Offers

Pretty much all Singapore betting sites offer World Cup betting offers these days, with some being overly generous while others are a bit conservative. Since the demand is high, online sports betting websites really go out of their way to introduce the best World Cup betting offers they could possibly give to their players.

Which sites are best for World Cup betting?

Constantly betting on the same types of bets can be lame. Always going for those match-winner slips and not exploring various special betting options at FIFA World Cup betting sites. A plethora of options are available during World Cups and here are some of the best World Cup bet offers we’ve found online.

Solarbet – Highlight of the Day Boost

This is perhaps the biggest clincher out there that any football fans looking for the best World Cup betting offer they could take advantage of. If the name of the promotion doesn’t give it away for you, it is basically a boost for punters who typically catch highlight reels.

With this promotion, all Solarbet players get to have their winnings doubled. All they have to do is watch the Highlight of the Day to avail this lucrative promotion. It’s unlike any World Cup bet offers out there and you would certainly be able to make a decent amount of money in no time, whether you’re new to betting or not.

Other World Cup-specific promos include mini-games where you get to make early predictions and win massive prizes, from the latest gadgets to lucrative cash prizes.

12Play – World Cup 2022 1,000,000 Lucky Draw

An exclusive World Cup promo by CMD368 for 12Play punters where any account members have a chance of winning at the final draw where $1,000,000 is at stake. The more bets you place during the Qatar World Cup period, the more chances of winning at the draw.

It’s one of the highest prize pools out there for a World Cup bet offer that you should not miss. Other sports betting-related promos can also be enjoyed and utilized during the World Cup by both new and existing players of 12Play.

Red18 – FIFA World Cup 88-Minute Goal

Red18’s World Cup betting offer entry is quite a unique one. It isn’t the biggest promotion in town or anything, but it’s definitely among the most interesting ones out there. Under this promotion, members will get SGD 88 bonus for any goal scored within the 88th minute of the match.

In order to be eligible, members simply need to bet at least $300 and the ticket odds should be 1.75 odds or greater. While we’re still a few weeks ahead of the winter-month tournament, Red18 has plenty of other World Cup-themed promos for their live casino games, too.

18ClubSG – 2022 FIFA World Cup Prediction

Similar to Solarbet, 18ClubSG also offers an early prediction promo for the 2022 World Cup. Bettors simply need to predict 4 teams that will qualify for the semi-final. Every punter who will be able to make the right prediction can win SGD 888.

This World Cup betting offer already started last September and would end on the first day of the kick-off on November 20.

How do I claim free World Cup bets?

Before you even think of claiming any World Cup bet offers, it is crucial that you are able to genuinely understand the betting requirements and the policies that come along with them. Free bets are basically bonuses and promos that online sportsbooks offer to reward punters for either making a deposit or reaching a certain spending amount.

Always check the terms and conditions so you’ll be aware of whether a particular World Cup betting offer is going to be within your budget. The last thing you’d want to happen is to not be able to get anything midway through your completion simply because there’s a particular rule that makes you ineligible, to begin with.

Is it possible to claim more than one World Cup offer?

Every online betting site allows you to sign up and create a single account with them. But this doesn’t mean that you are locked to a single promo. So, to answer this question, yes, you can definitely claim more than one World Cup promo if you wish, as long as you are able to meet the requirements.

Sign up to Solarbet today and enjoy all the World Cup bet offers and mini-games to your heart’s content!

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