Buy The Mountain 3D T-Shirts

Buy The Mountain 3D T-Shirts

The Mountain brand  is famous around the world for offering high quality products. Keeping its focus on t-shirts , it gained a huge market share due to its completely original prints: animals, landscapes, among others. The biggest attraction of The Mountain t-shirts is the quality of the prints: totally well designed, and almost real!

The Moutain’s novelty left lovers – or not – of t-shirts with their jaws hanging open. The brand has launched a series of 3D t – shirts with animal prints worldwide . The reality of the prints is impressive: you have the feeling that the animals are “jumping” from the fabric towards you. For those who thought that 3D only existed in movies, here’s the news!

Among the 3D T-shirt prints, the most popular are pig, horse, snake, unicorn, cat, polar bear, dog, ox and lion. The cool thing is that the color of the shirt follows the characteristic color of the animal.

Anyone who likes high definition and the latest in fashion, should make sure it’s theirs. Many Brazilian sites resell The Mountain’s 3D t-shirts , including NETshoes – – and Centauro – On both sites, the cost to buy The Moutain 3D t-shirts ranges from R$60.00 to R$80.00. In addition, The Mountain’s own website – – sells the pieces. Remember that on the brand’s website, the shirts are sold at local prices, that is, in dollars. There, the 3D shirts cost an average of 20 dollars, plus shipping and import taxes.


If you want to be fashionable and trendy, get your 3D The Mountain T-shirts. Surely you will be successful on the streets, with this novelty that is slowly arriving in Brazilian lands.

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