4 Things To Expect From the Geiger 80-Page Giant

Creator Geoff Johns returns with artist Bryan Hitch to introduce the next tale in this world, Redcoat. Simon Pure, the titular character of both this short story and the upcoming series, is a former British soldier who became immortal in 1776 due to mysterious circumstances involving George Washington and a cult. The main story takes place in 2050, where he is a mercenary hired to kill Tariq Geiger. However, Simon is haunted by both old enemies and flashbacks to his checkered past. 

Even though the Image Comics series Geiger has ended, there are still plenty of stories to tell in its world. The recent Geiger 80-Page Giant is a companion piece that expands the characters and events in significant ways. Fans of the original series who have not read it yet should expect the following features …

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