Collaboration Leads to API Industry Success: Pharma Sources Platform Helps

Pharma sources recognize the importance of collaboration and partnerships for business success. Pharma sources created the Trade Promotion Partner Program to better support the work of industry associations, and chamber of commerce organizations, and to expand and deepen business outreach to realize the commercial value of your company in the API pharmaceutical marketplace.

What can Pharma sources offer?

Under the Trade Promotion Partner Program, Pharma sources can allow companies to grow their pharmaceutical business in China’s second-largest pharmaceutical market while managing company membership through a dedicated online platform.

In terms of outbound sales and driving demand, Pharma sources offer specialized supply and demand matching and matching services to meet the needs of companies to increase their economic efficiency.

Pharma sources’ platform can help promote to increase the visibility and awareness of the company and generate quality leads for the products.

In the Pharma sources platform, companies can also host and promote various webinar streaming events to deepen their communication with peers.

Get more information or research market entry and policies

Our partnerships help broaden and deepen your outreach and share critical trade and market information with millions of pharmaceutical companies.

Seek detailed information about their integrated platform by visiting Pharma sources‘ official website.

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