Documents to buy land by Caixa

If you are thinking of buying the land of your dreams, and are looking for a financing alternative, Caixa has a great financing system called Letter of Credit SBPE (Brazilian Savings and Loan System). With this letter of credit you have up to 30 years to pay off the loan.

After approval of registration and credit and the appraisal of the property together with Caixa, the proposal must be filled out and the documentation delivered.

Documents to buy land by the cashier:

Individual :

– Individual Registration Form; (Filled in upon delivery of documentation);
– RG;
– CPF;e
– Marriage Certificate (Single must be taken with a Birth Certificate).

Proof of income :

– Income statement and delivery receipt;
– Last 6 paychecks; and
– FGTS extract;

It is also necessary the documents of the property/lot :

– Updated certificate of full registration content containing current registration and real actions and reissuing persons;
– IPTU;e
– Proof of the Forum and Laudêmio, if property under leaseholding effect.

In the case of financing that includes the construction, the following documents are required:

– ART – Technical Responsibility Note;
– Approved architectural project;
– Physical-financial schedule (to be withdrawn at the branch);
– Discriminating budget for the work (to be withdrawn at the agency);
– Summary budget (to be withdrawn at the agency); and
– Summary of technical specifications (to be withdrawn at the agency).

With this you have just fulfilled your biggest dream, which is the purchase of your property, the way you wanted it.

Here’s the Tip: do a lot of research because buying land is a big step and very important in a person’s life.

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