Electronic T-Shirts, LED Shirts and Bright T-Shirts

Electronic T-Shirts, LED Shirts and Bright T-Shirts

The fashion world is constantly updated. This everyone knows! Every day, new technologies are inserted in the materials used to manufacture the clothes, creating totally special and unusual effects!

Strong proof of this renewal are the electronic T-shirts . Fashion started in Asian countries, such as China and Japan, and not only took over the streets of these countries, but are also already arriving on Brazilian streets, and with full force.

The Electronic shirts are shirts luminous presented, most commonly in the form of LED , it is possible not only the display of a cool and different image, but also the execution of sounds and music.

Another attraction of LED electronic t-shirts are the “printed” designs: headphones, people’s faces, famous brand logos, etc.

Despite the high technology invested in electronic t-shirts and the sale being carried out by few physical Brazilian stores (most sales are made by Asian virtual stores), its price is still accessible to everyone: prices can vary from R$40.00 at R$150.00, according to the model, size and store! Some of the online stores that sell the shirts are: www.asiatronic.com, www.miniinthebox.com and www.maniadachina.com.


Buying your electronic t-shirt through the aforementioned websites is simple, since all of them have good qualifications and efficiency in the work, with fast delivery, easy payment methods and diversity of models, colors and sizes. Get into fashion yourself and go for it in your LED shirt . It’s technology in favor of fashion!

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