Enhancing Precision and Safety: Introducing APT Medical’s Anyreach PTCA Guidewire

When it comes to interventional cardiology procedures, precision and safety are paramount. APT Medical, an innovative medical device company, understands these concerns and has developed an exceptional product line to address them. Their  PTCA guidewire series, including the AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewire, offers clinicians superior torque control, safety, and excellent performance in clinical practice.

Unmatched Features for Optimal Performance

The AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewire boasts several remarkable features that set them apart from other options on the market. One key feature is the Core-to-Tip and Dual-Core Tip Design, which enhances tactile feedback and pushability while offering superior torque control, safety, and shape retention. This design provides clinicians with the confidence and control they need during interventional procedures. The Support Shaft, made of stainless steel, further enhances the guidewire’s capabilities. The proximal stainless steel core with PTFE coating ensures excellent pushability and rail support, enabling smooth navigation through the vasculature

Unleashing the Power of Coil

The AnyreachC™ series, where “C” stands for Coil, encompasses the innovative combination of a metal coil, a safe net, and a Nitinol core. This unique Dual-core structure maximizes torqueability and safety, making it an optimized choice for daily PCI practice. Moreover, the AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewire offers different tip loads, including the lightest available option of 0.3g, allowing clinicians to perform interventions even in thin collateral circulations. With tip loads of 0.3/0.6/1.0g, this series offers versatility to meet various clinical requirements.


In the field of interventional cardiology, the choice of guidewire plays a crucial role in the success and safety of procedures. APT Medical’s Anyreach PTCA guidewire series, including the AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewire, stand out as exceptional products that truly prioritize precision, safety, and clinical performance. With their innovative design, superior torque control, and excellent pushability, these guidewires empower clinicians to navigate complex vasculature with confidence. APT Medical’s commitment to developing excellent medical products is evident in the Anyreach PTCA guidewire series, making them an ideal choice for interventional cardiologists seeking the highest standards of quality and performance.


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