Exfoliating socks give more softness to the feet, check it out!

Exfoliating socks give more softness to the feet, check it out!

The exfoliating sock is making a big hit among women. It was created especially for foot care, promoting a type of homemade peeling that is very effective in this region. Check out more details!

As the product has glycolic and lactic acid in its composition, which act directly on dead cells, releasing them from the skin surface more easily, the feet begin to peel. This happens between the fifth and seventh day of wearing exfoliating socks.

How to use the exfoliating sock

Before using exfoliating socks you need to do a good cleaning of your feet. Then, put the sock as indicated on the package and let it sit for an hour. Take the time to relax watching TV or reading a good book. After the time required for packaging the product, wash your feet.

After exfoliating, you need to moisturize your feet with specific creams for the region. The period for wearing the socks again will vary according to the appearance of the skin on your feet, that is, when it is very thick, but if you want, you can use it every 15 days.


The result is not immediate, but you can believe that you will love it, not to mention that you will no longer have to sand your feet, which often worsen the result.

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