Experience Efficiency and Comfort with Horow’s HWMT-138 Single Piece Toilet

Discover the perfect blend of efficiency and comfort with Horow‘s HWMT-138 toilet. This floor-mounted toilet combines exceptional functionality with a sleek design, offering a seamless addition to any bathroom. With features like a 12-inch rough-in and an ADA-compliant 17.1-inch toilet seat height, along with a water-saving dual flush system that meets EPA’s WaterSense standards, the single piece toilet is a reliable and eco-friendly choice.

Streamlined Design for Effortless Installation

The HWMT-138 toilet from Horow is designed for easy installation and hassle-free maintenance. With its floor-mounted configuration, this toilet provides stability and durability. The streamlined design eliminates the need for separate tanks and bowls, resulting in a sleek and seamless appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Comfortable Seating and Accessibility

Horow’s HWMT-138 toilet prioritizes comfort and accessibility. The ADA-compliant toilet seat height of 17.1 inches ensures that individuals of all abilities can use it comfortably. Whether you have mobility concerns or simply value ergonomic design, this toilet provides a comfortable seating experience that caters to your needs.

Water Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

The HWMT-138 toilet is not only efficient in its design but also in water usage. The dual flush system, with a 1.28-gallon per flush (GPF) capacity, allows you to choose between a full flush and a partial flush, conserving water without compromising on performance. By meeting EPA’s WaterSense standards, this toilet helps reduce water consumption and contributes to environmental sustainability.


Horow’s HWMT-138 toilet offers a winning combination of efficiency, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Its streamlined design ensures effortless installation, while the comfortable seating and ADA-compliant height provide accessibility for all users. The water-saving dual flush system promotes water conservation without sacrificing performance. Upgrade your bathroom with Horow’s HWMT-138 and experience the perfect balance of functionality and style. Enjoy a reliable and eco-friendly toilet that enhances your daily routine while minimizing your environmental footprint.

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