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If I ask you the answer of 4 3 – 2, Your answer would be 12 – 2 = 10 or 4 1 = 4. So which one is correct? To avoid this confusion our mathematicians made a universal rule to solve these kinds of problems. The rule is known as the BODMAS rule. The BODMAS rule is followed while solving expressions involving multiple operations. The rule tells you the proper order of operations to be performed to solve an expression. BODMAS rule is expanded as Braces, Order, Division or Multiplication, and Addition or Subtraction. Hence BODMAS also tells you which bracket has to be solved first.

As you can see BODMAS is an acronym. Similar to BODMAS there are other acronyms being used in different countries. Ex: PEMDAS – Expands as Parentheses, exponents, Multiplication or division, and Addition or Subtraction. Thus the acronyms depend on the term people use in their country. But in all the acronyms the order of operations remains the same.

Order of Operations

Mathematicians use the order of operations for solving expressions involving multiple operations, braces, and exponents. It consists of a set of rules that are followed uniformly across the globe. Acronyms are used as a technique to remember these rules. Let us learn in detail how to use the BODMAS rule to solve an expression.


When solving an expression, you must follow these rules.

  • Brackets/braces/Parenthesis: Whenever you are solving an expression, begin by simplifying terms within brackets or braces first. A common bracket ( ) is the first in the order, followed by a flower bracket ( ), and then a square bracket ( ).
  • Order/ Exponents: The order or exponent is solved after braces have been solved.
  • Multiplication or division: As we solve from left to right, we solve the operation that is first either division or multiplication. These operations are only performed after the brackets and order are solved.
  • Addition or subtraction: When all the above-mentioned steps are complete, an addition or subtraction operation that comes first from left is performed.
  • The acronym BODMAS helps you remember this order of operations easily.
  • Now the correct answer for the above question is 43 – 2 = 12 – 2 = 10.


Let us work out some examples based on BODMAS

  1. Solve 2)  4 –

Solution: According to BODMAS, Solve the Braces first.

2) = (6  2) = 3

Next is multiplication,

2)  4 = 3 4 = 12

Last subtraction

2)  4 –  = 12 – 3 = 9

Hence    2)  4 –  = 9.

  1. Solve: [24 – {3 (9 – 4)}]

Solution: (9 – 4) = 5

{3  (9 – 4)} = {3 5} = 15

24    = 24  3 = 8

[24    – {3  (9 – 4)}] = 8 – 15 = -7

Hence the answer is -7.

These examples showed you how to solve an expression containing multiple operations and parentheses easily. Live math classes can make you understand the concept better. I recommend cuemath classes. You can have more information on classes and learn math from the Cuemath.

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