Grooveshark Android

Grooveshark Android

Anyone who is adept at streaming music online may already know Grooveshark . The platform is nothing more than a collection of playlists, which can be shared by all users. In addition, playlists can be played from any computer, just by logging into the system.

Those who have cell phones with the Android operating system can already count on Grooveshark features on their devices, thus ensuring the possibility of taking their playlists with them and listening to them anytime, anywhere.

To download Grooveshark Android , go to Once you’re on the page, look for the “Download Grooveshark” option. After downloading, just accept all terms and conditions, and in seconds the installation will be completed.


To enjoy the Grooveshark Android features, the user must be previously registered on the Grooveshark website. If you don’t have an account yet, before using the app, go to and create your account!

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