Grooveshark Iphone

Grooveshark Iphone

The Grooveshark is a popular music sharing platform that allows you to create playlists by users, and they may hear them directly from any computer, enough to realize your login.

As with all existing desktop applications linked to the dissemination of such information, Grooveshark gained its mobile version for the iPhone. However, before starting the installation process, iOS must go through the Jailbreak process, a method that frees the phone to receive external software.

To download Groveshark iPhone , access – directly from your device – the address On this page, just scroll a little through the layout, until you find the logo with the message “Download Grooveshark”. After installing it, accept the terms and conditions and start enjoying the features of the Grooveshark Iphone app .


Remember that to use it, you must have a valid Grooveshark account . If you don’t have it, just register on the system, through the desktop version website!

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