Hand harness and anklets for women who take style seriously

A lot of jewelry that brides wear at their weddings has now become an integral part of contemporary fashion. Women do not wait for their marriage to embellish their hands with a hand harness and offer a peek-a-boo fashion moment with gorgeous, cool Bohemian anklets.

A hand harness is an ensemble accessory around the wrist that spreads over the palm dorsal, covers the fingers, and comes with a ring. Anklets are humbler; they are often a staple accessory for village belles, which make them from different kinds of beads and sport an earthy elegance.

Hand Harness

The old hand harness has now been modified into different styles with exquisite metals. There are heavily embellished Hand Harnesses for festive occasions, and some of them are a bit minimalistic, fit for occasions that demand a mellowed styling.

Gold Plated Pearl Hand Harness

Gold plated pearl hand harness accentuates any apparel’s embroidered gold zari works. You can go for a hand harness with intense bejeweled works or one with a simple pearl string on a gold-plated base that subtly covers the fingers with an elegant gold-plated pearl ring.

Gold and Silver Finish Haathphool

As you can guess from the name, haathphool are hand harnesses with bejeweled floral designs and patterns. The floral designs are generally on the connecting string between the ring and the wrist, with a floral ring. The ones without a ring have floral designs around the wrist and strings covering the fingers. Haathphool, with minimal floral designs on the hand harness’s connecting points, looks graceful.

Hand Crafted Hand Harness with Swarovski Crystals

Even the most minimalist Swarovski crystal jewelry can make you stand out in a crowd. Hand-crafted hand harnesses with Swarovski crystals on a gold plated or gun metal base are all about refinement and sophistication. It highlights the crystal with the best possible patterns and designs around the wrist and over the dorsal side of the hand.


This timeless accessory perhaps can never look over the top. From single string anklets to those with multiple strands, this versatile piece of accessory complements casual and festive looks as they can be paired with skirts, jeans, sari, lehenga, sharara, and salwar kameez, etc.

Gold Plated and Gold Finish anklet

Gold plated, and gold finish anklets come in both minimal and voluminous designs. Gold plated anklets with pearl designs are essentially for festive looks. Gold single-string anklets with minimal gold, diamond, and pearl motifs go with subtly embellished looks. Some gold-plated anklets almost embody the broad zari work on the hemline of the apparel. Gold Plated chain anklets bring a complete spin on a western look and are paired well with midi skirts or knee-length culottes.

Handcrafted anklets in sterling silver

Silver anklets have a unique charm of their own. The rustic appeal of silver anklets never goes out of fashion. Carved with beautiful silver patterns and motifs, pearl studs, diamonds and floral designs, sterling silver anklets are known to affect the body and energy positively.

Jatdar Stone Payal

Jatdar stone payals are colorful and vibrant ornate anklets that enhance the traditional and rustic look. The intricate designs around the ankles will elevate your look if you are sporting a traditional lehenga or cotton skirt with patchwork.

In conclusion

When choosing the perfect Hand Harness and anklets, you must keep the material, finish, and color of the accessories you are wearing in mind. The clothes and accessories can only complement each other when paired in sync and harmony.

Some of the most exquisite designer hand harnesses and anklets are now available on digital multi-designer stores like Nykaa Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe, and Pernia’s Pop Shop. Creations by Vaidaan Jewellery, Arvino, Riana Jewellery, Zevar by Geeta, Opalina, and Just Shraddha will cater to your myriad preferences for Hand Harness and Anklets.

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