Health Information in Detail: Introducing Body Composition Analysis System Made by Welland

Welland offers solutions for body composition analysis, which is an instrument that performs body composition analysis and produces a health index. Typically, a body composition analyzer system consists of components such as a professional tester mainframe, professional consultation management software, and an optional printer. How do they work and what are their benefits?

How do they function?

The human body is made up of four different components: water, protein, fat, and minerals. The term “body composition” refers to the proportion of fat components to non-fat components in an individual’s total body weight. The instrument for analyzing body composition is a device that determines the composition of the body by measuring bioelectrical impedance (BIA).

The body composition that is measured by the body composition analysis instrument is comprised of eight components, which are as follows: intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid, total body water, body fat, body protein, muscle, lean body mass, minerals, and so on. From these eight components, eleven indicators are derived, which are as follows: fat percentage, obesity, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, standard muscle, standard weight, weight control, fat control, muscle control, target weight, and edema coefficient. The equipment can provide the tester with recommendations on their diet as well as activities that they should participate in so that they may become fit and healthy.

Exact findings of the measurements, as well as an expert interpretation

As a consequence of Welland‘s stringent quality control and a strong commitment to technology, the company’s body composition analysis solutions produce accurate results and professional results analysis systems.

Find more details about the body composition analysis system by going to their website.


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