Help Leaders Facilitate Conflict in a Remote Work Setting

Help Leaders Facilitate Conflict in a Remote Work Setting

Office conversations often turn into conflicts. However, there are some ways to make sure conversations do not turn into dispute, or even if they do, there is always a conflict resolution. In this article, we will identify patterns that help with ways to facilitate conflict resolution. 

Whether you run a conventional physical business, a virtual or hybrid, you must have people coming and conversations happening frequently. However, most of the time, in an in-person setting, a conflict can be put to rest sooner than a conflict between a remote team. 

Many of the same principles that apply to in-person standards are followed to facilitate conflict resolution in a virtual space. But before we gather information on how leaders can manage teams more effectively and facilitate virtual conflict resolution, we have to learn what causes conflict at work.

The CPP study found that 49 percent of workplace conflicts result from clashes between egos and different personalities. The study further found that 34 percent of disputes result from workplace stress. 29 percent of participants believed that poor management has a lot to do with conflicts in the workplace. These are just some of the many factors that cause friction. To work further on this, here are some suggestions that can help come to a solution before things get way out of hand.  

Learn How to Listen

Often workplace conflicts are about misunderstandings and expectations. When working from home, teams do not have a platform designed particularly for communication. As a leader, it is your responsibility to create a safe space, a fair chance for everyone to speak, and an environment that encourages openness. When employees have an opportunity to put forward their thoughts and what they believe in, the chances for conflicts are limited. One way to do this is to facilitate team meetings. When you frequently contact and conduct a team meeting so that everyone has the opportunity to speak and believe and that every voice counts, you create an environment where people can talk and listen without feeling attacked.

Underline the Intent

There must be a purpose and intent behind the conflict. However, when you are in a position where you should be ending or finding a solution to a workplace conflict, you only have to focus on the positive underlying intent of each party. It will help if you concentrate on the most important things to them and how to bring both parties to a solution quickly. It might be tricky in a remote setting but having the goal of moving forward can help you and the team come to a solution.

Create Opportunities to Connect

One of the most common causes of conflict, especially in remote settings, is the communication gap. The communication gap reflects high but unfulfilled expectations, lack of confidentiality and privacy, and minimal team coordination. It also demonstrates the lack of proper communication tools and resources. This includes not having high-speed internet service for the remote workers. Several good internet service providers, such as Cox, offer Cox Bundles that are the best fit for remote workers. With Cox bundles and deals, remote workers can closely work on reducing the communication gap. Also, when it comes to responsive customer service, Cox offers Cox Servicio al clients prompt customer service for the Spanish speakers.

Set Communication Grounds

To make sure workplace conflicts are limited or come to a healthy solution quickly, it is essential to set some communication ground rules. As a business leader, you should make team members well aware of the ways of communication and the tools they should be using. Often remote teams do not know what is the right platform to find support or help when a conflict arises. Here is when ground rules and policies can be used along with media to use and keep communication documented and just.

Summing It All Up 

Conversations at the workplace can turn into conflict if clashes between personalities and egos come into play. However, some ground rules and efforts can be put into action to limit the conflicts from getting worse. Regardless of the location from where employees are working, leaders need to help them with communication tools and ways to communicate.

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