Here are the Top 10 Best Subway Sandwiches, Ranked

Here are the Top 10 Best Subway Sandwiches, Ranked

If you are looking for less anxiety-inducing news, you may have noticed that Subway’s bread in Ireland was deemed too sweet to be “bread.” That means their sandwiches can be delicious. Maybe not breakfast-sandwich-on-a-donut delicious. Or even bacon-sandwich-with-fried-chicken-as-bread delicious. Subway doesn’t make you hate your self for fast, inexpensive food. Taco Bell? Why does it taste so good, but make you feel so awful?

You can still go to Subway and get a sub-par sandwich. If that is the case, you’re only to blame. We are here to assist. Here’s a list of the ten best Subway sandwiches.

1. Turkey Breast

While the Turkey Breast Sandwich may not be the most common choice for number 1, we think it’s a great choice. While it may not be as flashy, hot or melty like some Subway sandwiches it’s still a Subway sandwich. It’s healthy (ish), portable, delicious and good regardless of where you get it. Turkey is a classic meal. The Turkey Club is all about “love your one” and includes chips and a beverage.

2. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

Now we’re into the forget-healthy-just-delicious options. It’s still better that a Double Down. Subway’s Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is a great hot-sandwich choice. It’s easy to eat on the run and has all the best aspects of food, including crispy bacon, gooey cheese, and roasted poultry.

3. Spicy Italian

Subway has the best cold cuts sandwich, so you can make a Spicy Italian meal, which includes pickles, onions, and cucumbers. However, this sandwich will make you eat less healthy and taste better. It should be on the “once a while” menu with the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt. It’s a good choice for those mid-week pick-me ups.

4. Sweet Onion Teriyaki

Subway’s Hot Chicken Sandwiches are the most popular, with the Sweet Onion Teriyaki being the most popular. However, they all taste the same. Barbecue Chicken or Buffalo Chicken can be made with the same basic ingredients, but they come in different sauces. But the Sweet Onion Teriyaki! It’s sweet, tangy, healthy, and delicious. This hot sandwich is great for those times when you are running behind.

5. Marinara Meatball

Subway’s Meatball Marinara sandwich makes for easy comfort food. It’s cheaper than other comfort food fast-food options. It is tasty and filling. This is not a meal you can grab for lunch. It’s an open-faced, knife-and-fork sandwich.

6. Steak and Cheese

This is not a Philly Cheesesteak. It’s essentially the same as one, but not nearly as good. But it is healthier. The sandwich is balanced and a good choice for subway sandwiches. The cheese selection is up to you when you place your order. This is High Stakes, if you’re not a Philly expert. Some people insist that whiz cheese is the correct choice. Subway doesn’t offer this option. But, if you want to give justice to the city of Brotherly Love, then choose American or Provolone.

7. Veggie Delight

Unless you don’t eat beef, Subway’s Veggie Delight won’t be one of their top ten . This sandwich is the only one that you can choose from, so it rises in rank if vegans are included. The Impossible Burger is the only fast food that caters to vegans. Subway offers a variety of vegan sauces such as Buffalo and Sweet Onion. You can sauce up your sandwich.

8. Tuna

Subway’s tuna sandwich is loved by many. Subway’s tuna sandwiches are a great option for anyone who isn’t able to bring lunch to work. Subway isn’t afraid to put tuna on its sandwiches.

9. Black Forest Ham

It’s a ham sandwich. Subway sandwiches are great because you can add vegetables or sauces to the meal. You can’t go wrong with a good ham sandwich. It’s the perfect starting point for making wild food combinations. It’s okay to not order it if there’s no time for you.

10. Cold Cut Combo

Sometimes all you need are the basics. Cold Cut Combo is that. It’s a combination of turkey-based bologna (ham) and salami. It is sort of like combining all three Subway cold sandwiches in one. It is a blank canvas that allows you to explore the variety of Subway’s sauces.

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