Here’s what makes drop crotch pants and linen pants the new definition of fashion!

The fashion industry has moved beyond its limits, with new trends and collections coming in ever so often. The choice of pants have also moved away from the usual jeans and trousers. Drop crotch pants are suitable for any formal or informal occasion but they are the best for any casual outings. Linen pants for men have many wrinkles which make them fit for any informal gathering or traditional parties of families and friends. 

Drop Crotch Pants

Drop crotch pants are a type of pants that are made with the crotch seam of the pants to fall loosely around the knees, instead of fitting snug against the body. These are the best fashionable alternatives for lovers of dhoti pants. The lack of symmetry in these pants provides a great silhouette for most figures. The most traditional looks come in black and white colours. Black and teal are more vibrant as compared to white or other lighter alternatives.

The white pants express a playful mood and the wearer exudes an air of youthfulness and fun personality in them. Yellow drop crotch pants are the best for a friend’s Haldi ceremony party and future grooms can dress in them to have all the fun they deserve that day. 

But, to have a comfortable evening during a weekend night or evening out with friends, the best option is to wear light grey since they are both casual and cheerful colours. 

Linen pants for men

Linen is very popular for formal and informal occasions. But linen is also preferred on casual occasions like a short shopping spree. Tougher than cotton and more lasting, these fabrics are breathable and good for the skin. The wrinkles of linen go well with any kind of casual wear like kurtas, shirts or   t-shirts. 

Pink linen dhoti pants display delicate maturity in the wearer. Pink is also a rich colour, and is super festive, with a light or baby pink dhoti pant being the best choice. It is also suitable for mellow older men with young hearts. 

Dhoti pants in linen are also the best picks to celebrate a casual occasion like watching a romantic movie with a spouse or spending time at home with the kids. Blue linen pants exude sophistication and calmness suitable for men who love to dress in mature styles. 

Head over to brands like Wendell Rodricks, Antar Agni Men, etc. to take your pick from the latest as well as the most trendsetting drop crotch pants.

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