How a DevOps course can get you into tech companies

Traditionally, department structurization in tech companies was very rigid. Individuals with a knack for creating and developing products would become software developers, and those with expertise in maintenance and management would become operations executives. This would result in miscommunication and gaps in understanding resulting in errors in the final product.

As a business, you don’t want the errors in production to go unresolved, affecting your reputation with your customers. So keeping that in mind and to avoid these gaps, the DevOps department was introduced. On the plus side, it also makes the entire production process easier. Now every tech company looks to hire individuals who have already done the DevOps course. So if you aren’t sure whether doing a DevOps course is worth it or not, let’s see how it affects your job prospects.

What is DevOps? Who is it for?

DevOps is a practice that is essentially the combination of development and operations. There is a DevOps course that individuals interested in the field must do. It teaches the individual all the practices and tools used by DevOps executives.

DevOps is an excellent career for anyone who cares about developing innovative products and focusing on making the products up to customer satisfaction. DevOps professionals must understand their target market and their requirements and plan to create a solution for the users’ problems.

Additionally, DevOps experts need to have leadership skills as it will be their responsibility to handle a team of DevOps executives and communicate with other teams and departments in the organization.

Skills you gain in a DevOps Online course

While there are a lot of technical skills a DevOps professional needs to have, they also need to have some essential soft skills. Technical skills can be gained through a DevOps course, but soft skills are something that an individual needs to develop on their own.

You will require soft skills such as:

  • Effective communication
  • Ability to collaborate with others
  • Being self-organized
  • Having a customer-focused approach
  • Mentorship and leadership
  • Ability to make commitments

Now you need to self-analyze and see if you have these soft skills. If not, you can start working on them while the DevOps online course makes you technically skilled.

These are the technical skills the online DevOps course teaches you:

Linux Fundamentals and Scripting

There are plenty of actions in a Linux system that the DevOps professional should be well-versed in. The DevOps course teaches you all the Linux fundamentals, like file handling, system administration, text processing, and process management.

Scripting also is an essential skill, and all DevOps professionals must at least know the basics of Python.

1.   DevOps Tool

DevOps engineers need to be able to work their way through the most common DevOps tools.

Tools every DevOps engineer should be aware of are:

  • Terraform
  • Maven
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Git Hub
  • CVS
  • JUnit

2.   Cloud Computing

A DevOps online course should teach you how to use the most common cloud platforms. Every DevOps engineer must know cloud computing on AWS or Microsoft as these are the cloud platforms that most organizations use.

So as a DevOps expert, you should also show expertise in the cloud and know how to perform database and network management.

3.   Coding

We already saw how important learning Python is for a DevOps engineer. Additionally, coding is a necessary skill that any professional in the technology industry must have. So having a good grasp of programming languages such as Java, Javascript, Ruby, Shell, Bash, and PHP is important.

Being knowledgeable on Node.js also marks you as a competent DevOps engineer.

4.   Deployment Automation

While automating every single task might not be possible, automating most of the process makes the rest of the production process go by smoothly. So automation is a skill that must be covered in your online DevOps course.

When even something like deployment is automated, it gives the entire DevOps pipeline a push.

Roles and responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

Creating software systems after implementing both development and operations ideologies is the primary responsibility of a DevOps engineer. But beyond that, there is a long list of responsibilities that a professional in the DevOps engineer role must carry out.

Here is everything a DevOps engineer does at a job:

  • Document everything and every feature from the server side of the project.
  • Worked with developing, installing, testing, configuring, and maintaining IT servers.
  • Led a team of DevOps executives and kept them in the loop regarding operational requirements and development forecasts.
  • Analyze the technologies currently in use and plan for their improvement and expansion.
  • Automate deployment and ensure that the systems are updating information automatically on time.
  • Ensure the production environment runs smoothly and if there are any issues, look after their maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Perform regular gap analysis to identify gaps in the systems or departments, figure out effective solutions and ways to enhance performance, and assist with the modification process.
  • Also, keep finding alternative solutions to recurring problems.

How much salary do you get after an online DevOps Course?

Seeing that this role plays a very important role in the smooth working of an organization, the salary of these professionals should be determined accordingly.

According to AmbitionBox, a DevOps engineer in India, on average, earns about ₹ 6.0 Lakh per annum. If you’re just starting, you might get paid around ₹ 4.2 Lakh, but as you gain more experience, your salary can go up to ₹ 12.4 Lakh.


To get hired as a DevOps engineer in tech companies in India, you need to be very skilled. The best way to upgrade your skills is by doing a DevOps course. It will teach you all the necessary technical skills and the tools normally used by organizations.

Once you are skilled and understand the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps executive, you are all set to get the job of your dreams in the tech industry.

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