How Ergonomic Furniture Can Improve Employee Productivity

How Ergonomic Furniture Can Improve Employee Productivity

Almost all of us can say that we have had to sit in an uncomfortable chair at some point in our lives. If not, consider yourself lucky! An uncomfortable chair can really put a damper on things, not to mention the back, neck, and shoulder pain that could result from sitting in it over a long period of time, like while you are working. Sitting at an uncomfortable desk can be just as irritating and distracting, making it harder to get tasks completed in an accurate and timely manner. A common goal amongst employers is optimizing the interactions between their employees and the work they are doing. By utilizing comfortable ergonomic office furniture you’ll be achieving this goal as job tasks will become easier and more efficient to perform. Ergonomic office furniture is essential for worker productivity. 

Working in an awkward posture is not an efficient way to work. Without the use of adjustable and comfortable chairs employees may find them- selves experiencing pain, taking sick days trying to alleviate that pain, unable to complete tasks on time, and generally distracted. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, back pain is costing employers over $34,600 per 100 employees a year. Splurging for ergonomic chairs can save a company a lot of money through reducing workers compensation and health care costs. Being seated comfortably prevents people from constantly wasting time by stopping work to try to adjust their position. You can purchase bulk office furniture to get a large number of office equipment at a discounted price.

With another ergonomic office furniture choice, a height-adjustable office desk, you can assure that people of all heights can be comfortable. Nothing is more distracting than sitting at a short desk and constantly bumping your knee while trying to concentrate on work! Some height-adjustable desks even have the option to become a standing desk. Some employees have reported that they work 

If you’re feeling lucky, you might even want to try an electric standing desk.

more comfortably and more efficiently while using standing desks, while some prefer to sit in a comfortable chair instead. Height-adjustable desks can be a great option ensuring that every employee can work as comfortably as possible to maximize efficiency and productivity. While adjustable office desks can be expensive, there are wholesale office desk options out there that are cheaper.

Sometimes, great ergonomics is in the details. Adjustable monitor arms, foot rests, foot mats, and adjustable computer mouses can play a big role in employee productivity by addressing wrist, ankle and neck discomfort. Have you ever been sitting at a desk working on a computer for a long period of time? If so, you may be familiar with the wrist soreness and markings on the wrist caused by resting your arm on the desk while using your mouse. Having something comfortable to rest your arm on while you work can really make a difference by allowing you to focus on the important tasks at hand! Task lights are another of the many ergonomically designed accessories that businesses can choose from, based on the specific needs of their workplace. Task lights assure that all tasks, even the very detailed, can be done efficiently. Not to mention the reduce in eye strain caused by trying to perform tasks in a dimly lit room, that could lead to more time off or possible workers compensation.  

Use of ergonomically designed office furniture can also boost employee morale. I can’t count the times I have heard people saying their boss doesn’t care about them or their co-workers. Whether it be because they were put in a tight spot or have been forced to use an uncomfortable office chair, employees sometimes have negative assumptions about their boss. One thing bosses can do to show they care about their employee’s general comfort and wellbeing is to use ergonomically designed office furniture in their place of business. Employees are more inclined to work productively for a boss that cares to make it a point that they are all a team. Too often, employees think that bosses are being selfish 

because they have a nicer chair, desk, and other furniture. Not only will ergonomic office furniture show that employees are cared for, it will also make the entire office look more professional and organized. Walking into a place of business that has old, ratty office furniture gives a horrible first impression. That reflects bad on everyone but, if the first impression people get from your business is that everyone is comfortably seated working productively, that can go a long way! Bad reviews of places usually stick around longer than the good reviews, sadly. So, make sure your business makes a good first impression!

When choosing office furniture, take into account that comfortability and ergonomic design directly affects productivity in many ways. It can even reduce health problems and boost employee spirits. It allows employees to maximize their productivity rather than worrying about being uncomfortable, and can reduce workers compensation and sick days, thus saving significant time and money. Sounds like a great investment to me! 

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