How to Fix Dark Photographs

How to Fix Dark Photographs

Want to learn how to fix dark photos? Learn here an easy and fast way.

You know that photo you take and the lighting doesn’t look that good? Both for those who are professional in the field and even for those who have no experience, that is, who only enjoy taking pictures, they know how dark the picture is is bad and a little frustrating.

The photo goes dark and you lose all the details of it, for example, when your makeup doesn’t appear right or that effect that you were so worried about, passes as if it were invisible to the eyes? So, we certainly don’t like to go through something like this, but knowing how to use the right photo editor, you can get the necessary lighting in the photo. In Photoshop, this problem can be solved simply and you can get the desired result within minutes.

How to make your photo clearer

The program contains many photo enhancement tools that are amazing and make the photo natural, as if that photo was taken and was perfect that way.

And the option of lighting in the photo, does not make the photo awkward, with a blank or as if there was a car flashlight on the person’s face. It has an extremely natural effect. If, you took a photo and it got dark, you have this option to edit your photo.


To adjust, use the “Levels” command, where the black command represents the shadows, the white the highlights of the photo and the gray the midtones or gamma. If you prefer, you can then use “Color Balance” or “Vibrance” to give a more neutral tone to the skin without affecting the midtones.

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