How to Maximize Your Sales Commission: Strategies for Success?

Every marketer is interested in maximizing their sales commission. Typically this involves a focus at the digital marketing level on channel development, acquisition strategy, and customer value proposition. However, the other component of maximizing your sales commission is serving a specific sales team and driving their revenue. This involves understanding your target client, identifying the preferred sales cycle, and overcoming obstacles to selling into a given vertical industry. It also involves working with the sales team to create a repeatable process for developing leads, qualifying them and opening them into opportunities.

What does revops do?

You can understand What does revops do by it is a sales escalation tool that provides the ability to design and implement call analytics reporting and dashboards. The tool allows you to manage your team, automatically create and schedule tasks, create workflows, route calls based on priority level, track agents’ performance and ensure that the metrics are accurate. It gives users the ability to develop a sales process and design their sales funnel with predefined tasks, workflows and escalations. This allows tracking of sales cycles, marketing campaigns and customer interactions during the customer lifetime cycle.

1. Train your reps :

Train your representatives on how to use the tools, set up meetings and develop relationships with clients. The reps must be trained on how to build trust, what is the sales cycle of their target client, and what value they are bringing. This can be done through a formal training program or informal training that is driven by mentors in the organization. The idea is that the sales rep should understand the role and value they bring to the business and have a process to follow for developing new business relationships.

2. Utilize inbound lead generation :

Sales reps need to develop a process for creating inbound leads. The sales team should have a process for identifying lead sources and tracking the leads that have been generated, as well as verifying if they are qualified leads. Leads can be generated through content marketing, social media platforms, and lead development programs. All leads should be tracked with the assigned rep and converted into opportunities. It is very important to use a system that is efficient, easy to use and scalable, as well as allow for a nurturing process for generating more inbound leads.

3. Organize customer testimonials :

This can be done by jotting down notes and having formal customer testimonials. This can be done in the form of video testimonial or through a written document that highlights the specific value a customer has derived. These testimonials are then shared with the sales team to help make the case for a sale and build trust. It is important to track the customer testimonials and share them with the sales team. This ensures that the entire sales organization has access to customer testimonials at all times. It also reinforces the case for a sale, as well as the value that a customer is bringing to the sales organization.

4. Provide the client with an education :

Provide your sales representatives with education and training in order to develop the relationship with the client. This is typically done through a formal sales training program or an informal mentoring program, which can be run by an executive within the organization. The education should include key aspects on how to sell into older business clients, referrals and industry knowledge. This will help you gain trust, as well as provide value to your existing clients. It should also provide insight on how to work with the client by using a system such as call analytics.

ElevateHQ is a sales commission software that allows you to gain an advantage by increasing your average sales close rate through the use of advanced software and a solid understanding of your industry. It is a program that allows you to implement a sales process for lead generation, lead qualification, sales cycle tracking and overall team management.


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