How To Pack For Cold Weather If You Are Travelling To Houston
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How To Pack For Cold Weather If You Are Travelling To Houston?

Summers in Houston are hot, and winters are cool and can get excruciating at times. And the weather is damp and partly gloomy all year(especially at night). The temperature ranges typically from 45°F to 96°F throughout the year, with temperatures seldom falling below 33°F or rising over 101°F. So while the best time to visit Houston is summer, if you have to make a winter trip to the city, appropriate packing is the key! While most hotels in Houston texas have amenities to keep you warm in winters, you’ll need to step out and that too in suitable winterwear.

If you overpack for a cold-weather trip, you’ll be at the receiving end of airport luggage fines. When you arrive, though, an under-packed winter backpack will have you scrambling to get cold-weather apparel. However, the good news is that preparing for winter travel is considerably more straightforward than you would assume. Here are some essential cold-weather packing tips:

Insulating Layer: Dressing in layers is the most essential strategy for staying warm in cold weather. In all but the harshest climates, a simple trinity of layers—plus a few well-chosen items to protect the extremities—will keep you warm. Opt for numerous lighter-weight items that you may layer or remove as the weather dictates. Choose pieces that may be worn separately but also complement each other.

The Base Layer: Consider this layer to be a second skin. Wool, silk, or lightweight polyester fiber are the ideal fabrics for cold-weather base layers. Men can opt for a thin, long-sleeved polyester shirt. For women, a snug-fit pullover, hoodie or even a woollen kimono, would do. Select a colour that complements the rest of your outfit. You can also experiment with styles, fabrics and accessories here. However, do not compromise on the wicking or sweat-soaking aspect of your clothes. Moisture-wicking is essential in this layer because it allows sweat to drain while keeping your core warm.

Coat or Down Jacket: A down jacket is a cold-season favourite because, in addition to being weather resistant, it is literally as light as can be yet effective to keep you warm when you’re wearing it. Bonus points for the variety of fashion-forward designs available, ensuring that you’ll look beautiful whether you wear your jacket to the airport or put it in your bag. If you decide to bring it, it’s simple to shrink the size, so it doesn’t take too much room in your suitcase.

Perfect Boots: Boots with a firm rubber sole are ideal. Your feet will be warmer if you have more insulation between you and the ground. Boots that cover your ankles and are suitable for cold weather are recommended. Gaiters are waterproof boots and are also an excellent choice for walking in harsh winters or monsoons. They will prevent water from penetrating your trousers.

Some top-notch hotels in Houston texas have winter flairs, ‘winterlands’ and sports activities indoors. Remember to throw in some gloves, scarves, and winter caps in your luggage to enjoy these. Make sure you have enough chapstick, moisturiser, and cold cream too. The cold of winter is harsh on the skin, and the wind and cold will cause your face to chap. Keep some suitable lotions and creams on hand to keep you relaxed.

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