Individual Entrepreneur - What is it, how it works

Individual Entrepreneur – What is it, how it works

Have you heard about EI? Because the Individual Entrepreneur is a small professional who has several advantages in formalizing and having several benefits, without having to pay almost anything for it.

What is an Individual Entrepreneur

The Individual Entrepreneur is a person who works for an account and earns up to R$60,000.00 in one year. He needs to be within some of the regulated professions for the class and you can consult the full list.

Benefits of being an Individual Entrepreneur

There are several advantages to formalizing and becoming an Individual Entrepreneur . Among them are:

1 – INSS

You pay only 5% of the INSS and are entitled to all social security coverage, where you can be entitled to retirement (of a minimum wage), sick pay and even maternity benefits.

Your family also receives a pension in the event of death or imprisonment assistance.

2 – Free of charge

You don’t pay anything to start your business, as you have the assistance of accredited accounting offices that will give you all the free support for one year.

3 – Hiring an employee

You can hire up to one employee paying only 3% Social Security and 8% FGTS and a minimum wage or minimum wage.

4 – Absence of bureaucracy

Your business accounting eliminates any kind of bureaucracy and all you have to do is fill out a simple form every month and file an annual billing statement.

These are just some of the advantages of being an Individual Entrepreneur, but there are many others in formalizing your business.

How much does it cost to be an Individual Entrepreneur

The part that raises the most questions is knowing how much it costs to be an Individual Entrepreneur. Because you will pay only 5% of the INSS minimum wage (R$31.10), R$5.00 in the case of services and R$1.00 for businesses and industries. Too little, isn’t it?


If you have any professional activity and have not formalized, be an Individual Entrepreneur 

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