Know All The Features of Mandalaki Halo Lamp

Among the various types of halo lamps, the mandalaki halo lamp is an excellent choice for your home or office. This halo lamp is designed to provide a circular ring of light and has many interesting features, including color projecting and recharge ability. Let’s look at these features to help you make the best decision. These lights combine technology and art to create a unique and vibrant light display.


The Mandalaki Halo collection is a series of color-projecting lights that combine physical form with metaphysical projection. These unique lamps are compatible with a wide range of landscapes. They created worlds of nuance and new energy. A holistic approach to design inspired them. Halo lamps are available on Alibaba. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Mandalaki focuses on developing products that benefit the human condition.

The halo series includes several variations on this idea. The Halo Leaf, for example, features a spherical projection of warm light, creating the illusion of a personal sun on any wall. It is made of aluminum and is compact and convenient for installation. Each lamp keeps wires differently to comply with local lighting regulations. These innovative living suspensions are ideal for homes, offices, and public spaces and are easy to install and move around.

Mandalaki Halo lamp features a hinged head that allows for various projection designs. The Halo One has a 120-cm-tall stem, and the halo Evo, which has a more giant, flexible head, is similar to the Halo One but features a wider projection surface and a more elaborate optical system. The Halo lights are available in various models, each offering a wide variety of projection compositions and unlimited colors.

Made of aluminum, brass, iron, bonsai, and bamboo, the halo lamp is suitable for every country and has an input voltage of 5V. Its color quality is 2700 Kelvin, emitting 250 to 500 lumens of light. It can also work with any other electrical appliances in the home.

The halo lamp creates a perfect circle of color using a CNC-shaped anodized aluminum rod. This projection resembles the spectrum of natural color produced by the sun during sunset. They hinge projector head at the bottom of the stem. The halo ‘big’ head is the largest in the range and has a flexible design. Its large projection surface is ideal for creating a unique and beautiful effect.


The halo lamp is a series of four variations of the Mandalaki Halo Collection. The Halo lamp combines a physical object with a metaphysical projection. The unique halo design reflects the nature of light. The lamp’s high-powered LED and optical system work together to create an intense display of colorful light. Inspired by the natural world, the halo lamps aim to merge art and technology.

The halo lamp emits a rainbow of warm colors reminiscent of the natural frequencies produced by the sun during sunset. Its projector head locates at the base of its stem and hinges. The halo ‘big’ model features a larger, flexible projector head that projects a broader area and produces infinite colors. Recharging this lamp is easy, and it requires no electrical outlet.

Color projecting

The halo lamp collection from international studio Mandalaki aims to merge art and technology. High-powered LEDs and an optical system combine to create intense bright light displays. The design aims to fuse art with technology and create a new family of landscape lamps. The Mandalaki Halo lamp is the latest product in the collection.

Final Words

You can use these lights for art galleries and retail spaces. The halo Sky pendant lamp is available in two color options. Alibaba is the perfect place to buy them. Its diffused light reflects the colors around it and creates a sun-like image on the wall. Its compact and slender design makes it easy to find. You can also use it to showcase artwork or other decorative items.


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