Learn Method To Download Instagram Profile Photos

Whenever you follow an account or are looking to follow someone, a profile picture is the only thing that helps you identify that person, apart from the username. With so many people having common names and identity, it comes to the profile picture to help know the person. Especially when you have so many follow requests piling up, you would of course want to know who the person is before finally allowing the person to view your content. In order to achieve this you can simply use an Instagram profile picture downloader.

Now what exactly is an Instagram profile picture downloader? It is a free to use software or application that allows you to download and view profile pictures in full size and original resolution. It uses API- Powered technique to fetch any accounts profile picture and then display it in original size and in high definition HD, for you to download. One such amazing and easy to use app that helps you easily download profile pictures from Instagram is Instazoom.

Features of Instazoom profile picture downloader:

  1. Instazoom profile picture downloader is an easy, fast and secure way to download anyone’s Instagram DP, even yours.
  2. You need to download an additional plug-in or provide login information to your account.
  3. It is free to use applications with multiple tools to access media over Instagram.
  4. Instazoom allows you to view and download profile pictures from Instagram in their original resolution and quality directly into your gallery or phone storage.
  5. All you need is a username of the respective account to get one click download.

How to view and download profile pictures from Instagram using Instazoom:

Step 1:  Copy the Instagram profile username or URL from an account or browser on your mobile or PC. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the profile and then tap copy profile URL to find the exact user on the Instazoom app.

Step 2: Instazoom app is available for download on both android and iOS, in play store and App store app respectively. You can either download the Instazoom app or use the Instazoom profile picture downloader online software on your browser, on Instazoom website.

Step 3: Once the app is downloaded launch the application on your device and open the profile picture downloader tool from the list of tools being provided.

Step 4: Now paste the copied profile URL into the field above the text area and press search.

Step 5: In just a few seconds Instazoom opens the respective user’s profile picture for you in original resolution and size. now click on the “download” button and Instazoom will download and store this profile picture into your gallery or phone storage.

You can even download your own profile picture using this app. as Instagram allows only either removing or uploading a new profile picture. It does not provide you any option to download your current or active profile picture from Instagram.

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