MENG Vs MSc - Which is Better?

MENG Vs MSc – Which is Better?

Choosing which engineering credentials to pursue between Meng Vs MSc might be challenging if you’re starting in the field. The decision-making process over which degree to pick will come from your circumstances and where you see yourself in the future.

What Is an MEng?

Those who want to start a professional life in engineering often pursue a Master of Engineering (or MEng) degree.

An MEng degree is required for those who want to pursue chartered engineer status. As with many courses, the MEng may go by several titles if you are studying worldwide.

MEng Course Length

Different universities throughout the globe have additional requirements for the duration of an MEng program.

It is a four-year degree in Europe, consisting of a three-year undergraduate program and a one-year master’s.

It is considered a postgraduate degree in other areas of the globe and would be finished following your undergraduate education.

What Can I Expect to Learn in an MEng Program?

A background in engineering is not required to pursue an MEng as part of a standard four-year undergraduate curriculum.

The course is an introduction to engineering and provides a wide range of specialisations to choose from, based on the student’s intended engineering career path. From civil engineering to molecular engineering, it’s everything covered.

As a rule, the course will consist of several units, projects, and internships, all of which will contribute to your comprehensive understanding of engineering.

The Value of an MEng Degree

Although the MEng is lengthier than the MSc, it is typically the ideal option for a job as a chartered engineer or if you wish to have a more in-depth understanding of engineering.

More than four years of study may provide more in-depth information and a broader perspective.

It’s also a standard route for students who graduate from high school with engineering careers. It opens the door wide open for them to pursue their dream job.

What is MSc?

An MSc in engineering is a postgraduate degree, often known as a Master of Science in Engineering. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, one might begin studying this field.

People who have previously spent time in higher education but want to make a career transition often choose the Master of Science option.

Those with a bachelor’s degree in engineering looking to further their careers with a master’s degree might also consider this option.

MSc course length

The MSc curriculum is condensed compared to the MEng curriculum since it is a postgraduate degree. The Master of Science degree may be earned in one to two years, depending on the institution attended.

What Can I Expect to Learn in an MSc Program?

You won’t learn as much in the MSc as you would in the MEng because of the difference in length. This is because it is impossible to cover as much ground in a single or double-year program as would be covered in four years of study.

However, the course is designed to provide students with as many different types of information and abilities as feasible.

The MEng spends more time on classroom instruction, but the MSc degree emphasises hands-on learning and provides enough opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice.

The Value of an MSc Degree

An MSc program is commonly chosen by students who want to work abroad since it is a more widely respected degree in many countries.

It’s also a fantastic option for those who have an undergraduate degree in another field but want to switch specialisations or those who have already started their careers but have decided to go into engineering. After earning a BEng, many engineers continue their education and get an MSc. It’s also common among professionals who want to further their jobs yet require additional education.


You should consider your job goals and any primary education you may have while choosing a course of study. An MSc may be preferable to an MEng if you want to work or immigrate worldwide. The MSc is more widely recognised in the global job market. The Master of Engineering (MEng) is the recommended degree for people who want to work toward becoming chartered engineers.

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