Mightier Than the Sword: How/Why Legal Education is a Powerful Tool

Law is one of the most relevant and professionally viable career choice nowadays because it affects almost every aspect of our daily life. It is critical to recognise the impact of law on people’s lives.

It is true that law schools are under  the pious obligation to provide the best possible legal education to the  future lawyers, who take their first step as law students in different law schools. The Knowledge and experience gained through  legal education is priceless and goes a long way in making the future of the individual.

  •     It has the potential to teach students how to “think like a lawyer.” The law necessitates rigour, self-criticism, creativity, and empathy. Legal education does this amazingly in general.
  •     Second, legal education exposes aspiring lawyers to various legal topics, including procedure, contracts, criminal law, evidence, corporate law, property law, jurisdiction, labour law, etc. This is also necessary for the intelligent practice of law.
  •     Legal education provides future lawyers, judges, and public officials with diverse perspectives that will benefit their work, ranging from economics to legal philosophy to analysing empirical and social science data.
  •     Not only that, but law school furnishes students with a supervised, rigorous, and disciplined environment in which to learn practical legal skills through clinics, trial practice, and negotiation courses.

Finally, legal education allows students to work on journals, in moot court competitions, and in diverse law school organisations to enrich future lawyers’ writing, advocacy skills, and exposure to various political, legal, and cultural perspectives.

The Importance of Studying law

True, excellence in legal education and research is critical because it helps shape the overall personality of a person.

In a nutshell, legal education is a type of human science that furnishes fundamental philosophies, ideologies, critiques, and instruments to create and maintain a justified society and techniques, skills, and competencies.

More than Just a Powerful Tool: Legal Education

For social purpose

It is easy to apply legal theory to the real world. The textbook knowledge is augmented by training students in its practical application through moot competitions and pro bono Legal Aid center .

For broadening the career opportunities

Studying law has a distinct career benefit in that it broadens professional opportunities or choices. You can take the Judicial services examination of different states , in addition to the Indian Administrative Service Exams, with law as a subject. As a result, contrary to popular belief, the law will create rather than limit opportunities.

For applying it to day-to-day life

At your dream law school, you’ll spend a lot of time reading through cases. Many real-life examples in terms of case laws will be used to demonstrate how theoretical knowledge must be applied to real-life scenarios.

If you’re wondering if the information you’ve learned will be helpful in the real world, look no further. Whether buying groceries at the supermarket, boarding a bus or flight, signing employment contracts, and so on -law is all-encompassing.

Enhances and makes communication persuasive

Your journey of studying law at your dream law school will undoubtedly equip you with the skills to conduct thorough research, read comprehensively, synthesise intricate ideas, and write and speak effectively. This skill set will enable you to define your career paths, whether related to law or not.

Beneficial as lawyers are a social necessity

The value of law as a profession expands beyond litigation and courtroom battles. Lawyers are required as legal advisors by both governmental and non-governmental organisations. Banks, corporate offices, businessmen, athletes, you, and everyone else demands the services of a lawyer at some point. 

Needed for miscellaneous professional fields

Several new fields of litigation have emerged, such as space law, marine law, intellectual property laws, Cyber law and so on, which, unlike traditional areas of litigation, do not require expansive paperwork and constant presence in the courts.  

A law school that can accomplish all of this in three or five years would be a godsend. Lawyers play an essential role in our society, and law schools must educate the law students   thoroughly before releasing them to our society as Legal Professionals.

Asian Law College, one of the best private law colleges in Delhi, follows a unique approach in the delivery of legal education that is enriching and inspiring.The traditional legal education is well supported by different  clubs and cell of the college like to name a few cyber law cell, animal law cell, human right cell etc. which organizes plethora of activities for its students. 

The vibrant Moot Court Society of ALC provides an  ideal platform for students to explore their argumentative and interpretation skills. The Legal Aid Center which is established  in collaboration with District Legal Service Authority, Gautam Buddh Nagar provides ample opportunities to the students of ALC  to interact with Hon’ble District Judge, Additional District Judges, Civil Judges of District Court Gautam Budh Nagar.

The Research and Development Cell of ALC helps the student to explore their research attributes by contributing research papers, articles in the ISBN student edition book of college. The value addition  Diplomas and Certification enriches the overall experience of legal education of students at ALC,  which is further supported by  annual internship assistance given to each and every student through the Corporate resource Cell ( CRC) of ALC.

Notably, ALC strives for a paradigm shift in the delivery of legal education by adding unique dimensions to legal education through incorporating international standards, thereby creating an environment that promotes independence and innovation.

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