Mindray is a mature technology AED provider.

An exhilarating fight against time is often what makes cardiopulmonary resuscitation so thrilling. Brain cells begin to die after 4 minutes of cardiac arrest; survival odds drop precipitously with each passing minute; after 10 minutes, the likelihood of brain death increases substantially; at this point, the likelihood of rescuing the patients is highly connected to the rescue time. In the fight against cardiac arrest, AEDs made by Mindray, a reputable AED for workplace manufacturers, is effective tools.

The benefits of using an AED when responding to a cardiac arrest

Patients’ coworkers, acquaintances, and even random bystanders can use the AED to detect specific arrhythmias and provide electric shock defibrillation to save lives in the event of cardiac arrest, as can professional healthcare workers. After AED defibrillation plus compression CPR, the patient’s resuscitation success rate can be increased to 53.5%, which is three times higher than merely conducting CPR.

What makes Mindray AED so special?

Mindray continually invests in R&D enhancements that boost the effectiveness of its products. In terms of medical device production, M indray is unrivaled. The AED from Mindray takes just 2 seconds to turn on, and 5 seconds to assess the heart rate and saves a life with the first defibrillation at no extra cost.

For additional information on Mindray’s AED, please visit their website.

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