MRV Construtora e Engenharia- Financing, Information

MRV Construtora e Engenharia- Financing, Information

The MRV Construction and Engineering is present in the real estate market since 1979. By having this huge and already known tradition, MRV is the only builder and developer in the country that is present in more than 100 cities, offering everything from sale of real estate as ready yet in the plant. MRV’s experience in the real estate market allows its projects to anticipate world trends, in addition to offering the most up-to-date technology and structure.

In addition to being highly invested in high technologies related to the structure, MRV is also concerned with people and maintains several social projects, such as environmental actions and projects to encourage sport.

Due to the ease of conditions, MRV reached an attractive number in its real estate sales: daily, more than 135 properties are sold across the country. All this is due to the ease of financing and its lines of credit, which enable the less favored classes to purchase their own home.

The attendance of MRV Construction is available 24 hours a day. The secret of the personalized service offered by the company is the adaptation of the market to the new boom: social networks and the internet. Chats are “online” 24 hours, thus being able to answer all the doubts of your customers, whether in the morning, afternoon, night, at dawn, on weekends or holidays. For RMV, each project/sale is unique, each customer is one, with their story and dream. Provide the realization of these dreams of MRV a successful company, whose main motto is to contribute to the growth of the country.


By the way, MRV Construtora  is the official partner of the Federal Government’s Minha Casa, Minha Vida project. With this, the units made available by MRV can also be acquired through the government project, which facilitates the purchase of a home, in low installments, simple financing and long payment terms.

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