Overprotection: How It Affects Your Child's Development

Overprotection: How It Affects Your Child’s Development

With so much news about violence and many other dangers that we receive in the media, both from Brazil and from other countries, it makes us more and more insecure about our children in the world. Protection, affection and great care is what we can offer our little ones and it is the parents’ task. But some exaggerate the dose and end up “suffocating” children, without realizing that overprotection directly affects child development.

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Parents need to understand that a child needs to explore the world around them. Overprotection leads to psychological problems, such as difficulty in making choices, immaturity, smaller stature and low immunity. Many parents take so much care of their children that they prevent them from playing sports for fear of accidents, injuries and even illness.

The overprotection does not allow a child grow as a person, to overcome their fears, to live magical and see the world through their own eyes meeting challenges and new discoveries moments. Allow your child to grow and develop properly so he doesn’t have future problems.

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