Reasons Why Australians Love the Iconic UGGs

In Australia, UGGs are a generic term for the popular sheepskin boots. Although they are a famous style statement across different parts of the world, the boots had a humble origin in Australia and New Zealand.

While the origin of UGGs is unknown, evidence states that they were worn in World War 1 by Australian pilots to prevent frostbite. Others point out that these boots were used as slippers by rural Australian shearers as they were wool yolk resistant and didn’t rot like other boots.

Whatever their origins, UGG boots are a part of the fashion culture and the Australian’s favourite footwear. Let’s discuss why these boots are so popular.

How Popular Are UGGs?

Sheepskin boots have become a fashion trend worldwide since the mid-2000s. They protect your feet from the cold in winter and keep your feet in the warm winter. The fleece inside has properties to wick moisture and supports air circulation.

While predominantly, UGGs were unisex and came in the popular beige ankle-length boots with fleece, today, they come in different styles and colours for men and women.

Many A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Jeniffer Lopez, among many others, have been frequently photographed in UGGs.

Why Are UGGs So Popular?

All wardrobes of Australians consist of at least a pair of UGGs. They are comfortable and wear-everywhere boots.

1.    They Are Super Comfortable

Few footwears make you feel as comfortable as UGGs do. These boots are made from natural wool shearling, which keeps your feet warm and protects you from extreme cold. Your feet don’t get sweaty, and the natural fibre allows air circulation. This makes them perfect for spending time outdoors in summer.

UGGs make you feel like you’re walking on the padded ground. They are so comfortable that you’d not want to wear any other footwear.

2.    They Are Built to Last Long

If you invest in a UGG boot, you will realize why it is worth the price after a few years of wearing them. Most individuals wear UGGs regularly and do not see a single tear even after six or seven years.

After years of using them, you may find the insole a little uncomfortable. Just replace it and continue using the boot as long as the leather on the top remains in good condition.

While it depends on how the owners treat the boots, if you care for your UGGs, they will last between five and twenty years. Also, make sure to buy original UGGs made in Australia, as many cheap counterfeit products are available in the market.

3.    They Are Stylish

Comfortable yet stylish, this is what describes UGGs. Different styles of UGGs are available, but you can never go wrong with the classic UGGs. You can wear them outdoors, run errands, or attend get-togethers. Just make sure to keep them clean.

Want a Pair Now?

We hope you are convinced UGGs can take you anywhere. If you cannot wait to get your hands on a pair of UGGs after reading this, our only advice is to buy original UGGs made in Australia. You will certainly not regret this decision.

There are plenty of options to explore than the classic beige leather boots. Wear them with dresses, types of denim or shorts; you will make the perfect style statement with UGGs. They are the most comfortable footwear in different styles and colours for all seasons.


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