Saftty’s Thermal Protectors: Vital Safety And Security Equipment

All heating equipment must be installed with thermal protectors to avoid overheating and ensure safety. In this article, Saftty provides you with some precautions and two thermal protector products.

Things to pay attention to when buying thermal protectors

There are many different types of thermal protectors available on the market, each with its own specific features and benefits.

Regardless of which type of thermal protector you choose, be sure to select one that is specifically designed for your motor’s needs. Thermal protectors come in different sizes and shapes, so it is important to find one that will fit snugly around your motor without obstructing its operation.

Choose a thermal protector that is made from quality materials and backed by a warranty if you plan on using it frequently. Thermal Protectors are an important part of maintaining safe motor operations and should not be taken lightly – make sure to invest in a quality product that will help keep you and your team safe!

Two Types of Thermal Protectors from Saftty

  1. Round thermal protector ST01: This compact thermal protector switch has outstanding certification and is part of the ST01 series. 60 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature range, and the maximum working voltage is 500VAC/60VDC. The ST01 series thermal protector has a high operating efficiency and good sealing ability. Additionally, it is the first Chinese-made round or button-shaped thermal protection to receive approval from agencies like CQC, UL, and TUV.
  2. BW-BCM iron shell thermal protector: Designed primarily for motors, rechargeable battery packs, and other things, BW series thermal protectors provide a small size, great strength, and resistance to high temperatures. A quick-reacting rapid-action bimetal is fitted within. It also has an anti-vacuum dipping process for efficient sealing.


Saftty‘s thermal protectors are some of the most vital safety and security equipment you can ever have. Contact Saftty today to learn more about our thermal protectors and how they can help you keep your business safe and secure!

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