Steps to Starting a Business

Steps to Starting a Business

In the times we live in, technology instigates private and individual initiatives so that many become small and medium entrepreneurs. Conceiving a name, an ideal, a work and market strategy are tasks followed by the need to make it all official and start hiring and exercising. For this you need to insert your company among those already recorded.

Although it seems simple, registering your company elevates its status to an extremely professional one, in line with Brazilian legislation and allows for a long, successful workday. Although a little bureaucratic, the procedure is simple and becomes more practical when you use Sebrae – as an ally, which guides and helps entrepreneurs.

At first, you will need to attach some personal documents such as RG, CPF, IPTU of the property to be occupied, lease agreement, social contract, proof of address of the partners and also delivery of the last 5 income taxes. With this it will be possible to register at the Commercial Registry or at a Notary Public, depending only on the field of activity.

After doing this, you will be able to obtain a CNPJ from the Federal Revenue, as well as the State Registration through the State Revenue Service. At the City Hall, you will make registrations and location permits, among others. Other requirements will depend on the market in which you will be inserted, that’s why we recommend that you look for a Sebrae service station to solve all your doubts.

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