The Advantages Of Using Recycled Cotton To Create Tote Bags

Cotton is one of the world’s most valuable non-food crops and the most widely used material in the textile industry. However, it has several disadvantages in terms of environmental effects.

As we have grown more cognizant of our activities and their impact on the environment, we have developed more sustainable methods of cultivating and obtaining cotton. Recycled cotton is one such alternative to regular virgin cotton.

This eco-friendly fabric is much greener than organic cotton and has several advantages that make it an excellent choice for producing reusable full color printed bags.

What Exactly Is Recycled Cotton?

Used cotton fabric that has been transformed back into cotton fibers is referred to as recycled cotton. Essentially, it converts garbage that would otherwise wind up in landfills into a new material that can be utilized to manufacture a variety of usable items.

Cotton may be obtained from two primary sources:

  • Pre-consumer waste, which comprises scraps left over from the production of yarn and textiles.
  • Post-consumer trash (clothing, household textiles, and other used products)

When it comes to recycling, post-consumer waste is more difficult to sort through and involves more manpower, therefore much of the recovered cotton originates from pre-consumer trash.

How Is Recycled Cotton Fabric Manufactured?

The manufacturing of recycled cotton fabric is divided into three stages: chemical, mechanical, and thermal. Mechanical is the most used way since it is the least expensive of the three.

Cotton that has been recycled and gathered is manually sorted by kind and color before being shredded into smaller pieces and finally into the raw fiber. This technique may be rather rough, and fibers have been known to break and entangle during shredding.

Finally, the raw fiber is spun into yarn that can be sewn into the finished recycled cotton fabric.

Why Is Recycled Cotton Environmentally Friendly?

For a variety of reasons, recycled cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly varieties of cotton fabric.

The most evident is that it is derived from a renewable resource and hence balances the manufacture of new materials. As a result, it contributes to the circular economy by keeping materials out of landfills and in circulation for as long as feasible.

This is vital for environmental protection since landfills use a lot of precious land area and release hazardous poisonous gases as the items decompose.

Furthermore, every ton of recycled cotton saves 765,000 liters of water, resulting in a significant decrease in water use. This is because it does not need farming, which is a very water-intensive industry.

Because recycled cotton has already been treated, the quantity of energy and dye needed is reduced.

The material itself can also be recycled and is biodegradable, so it will never become garbage.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Tote Bags From Recycled Cotton?

Aside from the environmental benefits of utilizing recycled cotton, this material has numerous properties that make it suitable for the production of sustainable tote bags.

It is a long-lasting, high-quality fabric that is also washable, guaranteeing that tote bags are reusable and has a long life span.

Cotton that has been recycled is extremely breathable and lightweight. It looks and feels so like regular cotton that you can’t tell the difference.

Finally, because recycled cotton has so many sustainable aspects, utilizing it to manufacture tote bags for your business shows your clients that you care about the environment and are doing steps to safeguard it. This will improve your reputation, keep your customers satisfied, and potentially attract a new audience of environmentally concerned consumers.

To adhere to our sustainability beliefs, we exclusively utilize sustainable materials to manufacture all of our goods, including recycled cotton, which is used to construct many of our eco bags.

Our recycled cotton tote bags are ideal for promotional handouts or as an alternative to plastic bags at the checkout.

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