The danger of formaldehyde in cosmetics

The danger of formaldehyde in cosmetics

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers formaldehyde as a carcinogen for humans. This substance is widely used in cosmetics and as women today are very fond of beauty and vanity, they use formaldehyde for hair treatments. But do you know the danger of formaldehyde in cosmetics ?

Although health legislation allows only 0.2% formaldehyde as a preservative in hair care cosmetics, many salons do not obey this rule and increase the amount of formaldehyde to achieve the smoothing effect. What many don’t know is that the dryer generates formaldehyde vapors that penetrate and irritate the skin and eyes, in addition to causing damage to breathing.

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But the health risk of formaldehyde is not only during application, its exposure can even cause acute toxic effects in the hours following its application. When a person is exposed for a long time to the product indoors, he is more likely to contract nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia.

The danger of formalin in cosmetics is serious and causes damage such as hypersensitivity, dermatitis, cracking of the skin, dehydration, ulcerations, local skin necrosis, skin anesthesia and rough skin. So is it worth the risk?

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