The different meanings of amber flashing lights

You can see amber flashing lights almost anywhere these days. They are out along the road side, inside warehouses, on top of vehicles, and in the traffic lights. It is the most popular of the flashing light colours and is the least regulated. The red and blue flashing lights are strictly for emergencies and emergency vehicles, such as police, ambulance, and fire. However, an amber flashing light cab be used as a caution warning by anyone. There are regulations on when they can be used and how they must be mounted on vehicles, but who uses them is much more open than the other colour lights – all except white. So, lets explore some of the different meanings of amber flashing lights in the scenario of where they are being used.


At its core, the meaning of an amber flashing light is caution. However, the caution can be for different things. Such as the one we all see often – the amber flashing light in traffic lights, which cautions us that the lights are about to turn red. So, it warns you to prepare to stop. The other most common amber flashing lights we see out on the roads are at roadworks, cautioning us to slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. They are also on work vehicles too, such as garbage trucks, road-work vehicles, tow trucks, and mining vehicles.


Many workplaces have amber flashing lights in them, especially warehouses and other places that use moving or dangerous machinery. You will find forklifts have amber flashing lights that run when the machine is moving to allow other workers to be aware and stay safely out of the way. Sometimes a whole area can be cordoned off and amber flashing lights warn when the area is active and dangerous.


You can get amber flashing lights that are permanent or portable. They can be smaller beacons, or they can flash out words of warning, arrows to point the way, or a myriad of other options. However, what it is used for, where it will be used, and how long it must stay there for will all help determine the correct amber flashing light for the job. With all the choices available and with the few regulations you must abide by it makes sense to get expert advice before making your purchases. Our recommendation would be to speak to the team at RS, they can set you in the right direction to buying the correct amber flashing lights for your needs.

When you run a business, then safety is a major concern. The safety of your workers and the public are in your hands. By using amber flashing lights, you can warn or caution those around a dangerous, changed, or potentially hazardous situation that caution is needed. However, getting the right size and shape is important as all amber flashing lights are not the same. For the best advice or to buy amber flashing lights contact the team at RS.

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