The most complete guide to playing Chan online for new players

The card game attracts a lot of attention from players, young and old, in our country. In some localities, fighting has also become an indispensable cultural feature. Hit Chan online Understandably, the high winning rate of bets is an advantage that makes more and more people know about bets. So How to play sure? Let’s find out now with New88.
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Brief introduction to playing Chan online

The rules of the game of blocking depend and have many similarities with the game To Tom. Currently, there are two most popular versions of the card game: Chan Tu Quy (table with 4 people) and Chan Ngu Cu (table with 5 people). However, the form of Chan Tu Quy is still the most popular.

If the game Shrimp’s Nest has a total of 120 cards, then the block card also has those cards but has 20 fewer cards, specifically: ladder, old, Nhat ten thousand, Nhat book, Nhat Van. Therefore to know play Chan online, you need to understand these remaining 100 cards first.

Shield cards will be distinguished from each other by images or Nom letters at the top of the card. Long-time players who have memorized the images printed on the cards will automatically understand them without having to remember complicated handwriting. The letters on the right are said to be in order: Nhi, Tam, Tu, Luc, That, Bat, Chi or Van, Van, Sach.

How to play Chan online is easy to understand

How to play Make sure to redeem rewards online is considered quite easy to understand, anyone only needs to listen to it a few times to be able to grasp it. A game usually requires the participation of at least 4 players. Those participating in the shield game will be dealt 19 cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the center to be used as the Venom piece.

If the way to play block four secrets, the deck of cards is divided into 4 parts, then the way to play block five secrets will divide the cards into 5 parts. After dealing the remaining 5 cards, one will take any odd card to combine as a Poke.

The person allowed to deal cards in the blocking game is either the winner of the previous game, or the game leader elected by everyone. After the cards are dealt, the dealer will turn over any card in the Venom suit and combine it with one of the remaining 4 cards as the main card.

To find out which cards belong to whom, one must proceed with the drawing process. How to play Chan online is the most confusing and important step in this step. Assuming the 4 blocking players will be denoted by the letters A, B, C, D, then B and C must sit diagonally to each other.

If B is in charge of drawing cards and draws the seventh card, counting until D will have to pick the seventh card, at this time D will also receive the main card. Correspondingly, the player sitting on the right hand of the owner of the card (D), A, will receive the cards on the right. The remaining player C will receive the last hand.

There is another note about how to play cards that New88 would like to introduce to you:

  • Block: arrange two identical cards into a block
  • Che: this is a deck of cards with the same numbers on the cards but different card suits
  • Top three: includes 3 cards with the same number but different suits
  • Lame: odd cards that cannot be folded or put into any set are called odd cards.

Learn how to play Chan online basically

A fluent block player who knows how to play basic blocks will understand in a game play block on computer The following actions are allowed:
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  • Pick venom: proceed to pick any card in the Venom suit to place in the Lead position
  • Lead Door: counted in order from left to right, Lead Door is the door you are allowed to eat first
  • Eat: the player will win when he owns a card in his hand that has the power to match the card under the board from Chan to Jack or Chan.
  • Chiu: the player already has 2 cards and can combine them with the 3rd card under the Chan table to create a set.
  • ù: in the Four Secrets Shield game, the player’s 19 cards combine with any Venom card (picked by anyone) to form 10 Chan or Jack suits, of which at least 6 Chan suits are counted as song U.

Penalties in playing Chan online that you need to know

For new players, in addition to how to play Chan online, you also have to learn more mistakes in the game of Chan. New88 will introduce you to some basic mistakes that players often make:

  • Quick hang error: can block but the player only takes a chance
  • It’s possible to hit a double but win normally: players often encounter this error when they don’t put down all 4 cards on the Chan table.
  • Taking cards to win cards: as the name of the error suggests, the player takes cards from the card set to win cards.
  • Taking a card with a shield: the player will be penalized when taking a card with an available Shield
  • Error of removing a block and then taking a block again: the player who previously missed the block but then took the block again will be counted as a foul.
  • Remove the block but win again: the player removes the block before but later takes a card to add to the winning deck.
  • Throw away the leaves and eat them: Previously, you had thrown away the leaves but took one leaf to eat
  • Eating crabs and fighting with crabs: previously ate crabs but then used them to fight
  • Playing the same and winning the same: having previously played this card and then tearing it out to play again
  • Win the bet and continue to attack the shield in the same row

How to play blocking and charging in blocking

Players who play Chan online will win more money and enjoy a few extra benefits when their deck has the following special features:

  • Down: the owner of the deck of cards can automatically lower their cards without prior notice
  • Pass: the player was lucky enough to buzz or hang quickly in the previous game, but if they continue to buzz in this game, they can shout Pass
  • Lead: the player buzzing right at the lead door is called Lead
  • Thien lead: a person who has the ability to buzz when playing cards
  • Lead: buzzing when the card has not passed the lead
  • Shrimp: Shrimp appears when the player’s deck of cards simultaneously has 3 sets of tam ten thousand, seven van and three books.
  • Leo: the card has a set of eight books, chi chi or nine thousand
  • Bach Dinh: the deck of cards is all black cards
  • Red eight: the flush card has exactly 8 red cards
  • Four limbs: the player owns a deck of 4 red cards
  • Ten forms: cards with all 10 suits are shields
  • Thien Khai: 4 cards in the deck are identical and the ù card is counted as Thien Khai
  • Steal: the buzzing deck has any two shields, and simultaneously drops into two identical shields
  • Buzzing: occurs when the buzzing leaf is also any shield
  • There is a chi: the player folds the cards and discovers that there is a chi in his deck
  • The white hands are buzzing in the limbs: the white hands are buzzing in the limbs
  • Flowers fall at the Buddha’s door: the white card game wins two thousand with a shield
  • Fish swimming in the courtyard of the communal house: similar to flowers falling at the Buddha’s door, but replacing two thousand leaves with eight thousand leaves
  • Houses, cars, flowers, and Buddha doors
  • The fisherman catches fish: the player is buzzing and has one of the chi chi and five books cards in hand


Above is all the information that New88 has compiled about how to play Chan online and terms for new players entering this subject. Hopefully this article has provided useful knowledge to you, helping you win more with this interesting game.

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