Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Winter

Many motorcyclists go into hibernation when winter arrives. But winter is not a good enough reason to stop motorcycling. With the right tips, preparation and attitude, you can make cycling in the winter just as exciting as it is during other seasons.

The following tips will help you ride your motorcycle safely through winter:

Ensure Visibility

Winter has shorter daylight hours, and it quickly gets dark, so it’s important to dress to be noticed. Make sure your motorcycle has the brightest front and rear lights you can find.

Also, put on reflective motorcycle clothing as the topmost layer of your gear, either as a band, trim, or vest.

Check Tire Pressure

Before every ride, check your tire pressure, as cold temperatures can reduce air pressure quickly. You should always check and adjust your tire air pressure to improve traction and avoid or minimize a bumpy ride while ensuring the surface area between the tires and the road is just right.

Going a step forward in safety, you should consider changing your motorcycle tires to puncture-resistance ones before your winter ride. This can save you the stress of changing a flat tire on your trip in cold and windy conditions.

Warmth dressing

It is necessary to stay warm during winter. You wouldn’t want to turn blue or compromise your health while doing what you love. Layering your motorcycle clothing is the best way to dress in winter.

It is wise to wear an absorbent base layer of clothing to help with sweat. Furthermore, you will need a long sleeve top, a warm tight, warm jacket, and pants which should be waterproof.

Other essential gear for warmth includes gloves, a helmet, which combines well with a face mask, goggles to protect your eyes, and sturdy footwear on thick socks.

You need to stay hydrated even if it doesn’t sound like it in winter. Store your liquids in fully insulated flasks to keep them warm for when you need them.

Motorcycle care and cleaning

Dirt, snow, salt, road grit, and other particles can accumulate in your motorcycle after a day’s ride. It is essential to clean your motorcycle parts daily to keep them functioning correctly.

Regular maintenance is necessary for any season, but twice crucial in winter. Wipe clean your bike immediately after a ride and only use cold, not hot, water when necessary.

Usually, batteries are down faster during cold weather. Be sure to have spare batteries and fully charged accessories.

Your motorcycle may suffer damage from extreme weather, especially when it is in storage. To insulate your bike during winter storage, get a motorcycle cover or store it in a warm indoor space.

Take breaks

Do not go on extremely long rides during winter. As a beginner, you should take little distances at once until you master the skill.

Winter motorcycle riding requires you to be careful, drive at lower speeds, and understand the terrain, current road, and weather condition.


Riding in winter can be challenging. But with thoughtful preparation, being aware of the risks, and having in place all precautions, you can have amazing adventures with your motorcycle. Do not wait until winter is over to enjoy a ride; make do with the tips mentioned above.

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