Tips to Help You Choose The Best Stage Lighting Equipment

When searching for LED stage lights — or any other type of lighting, for that matter — you must have a thorough understanding of their essential characteristics. If you don’t, you won’t be able to differentiate the greatest stage lighting equipment from the others. Before going to the market, it is essential to understand stage lighting techniques.

Typical Lighting Positions For Stage Lights

Here are the most typical positions for stage lighting equipment that you should be familiar with.

-Surface light

It is the most common method of illumination. The light source is placed at the audience’s top and projected towards the stage. As a result, the front side of the characters performing on the stage is illuminated naturally.

-Slap light

In a proscenium stage, slap lights are placed on both sides to produce a sense of 3D-ness. There are two layers, an upper layer and a lower layer — both of them are used to empower the expressions of the characters performing on the stage.


As the name suggests, a side light is placed on one side of the stage to eliminate it from that side only. This setup can be used to produce special effects or to highlight a certain element of the stage.

-Top light

To enhance the illumination of the stage, you can also put lights at the top of the stage facing directly downwards. Top lights are usually coupled with surface lights to boost the brightness of the entire stage.


This kind of light is projected from the backside of the stage towards the front. By doing that, you can enhance the three-dimensionality of the stage and outline the characters or other entities on the stage.

Once you are familiar with these common light locations for stage lighting, read the article to learn about the many types of stage lighting equipment.


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