Top Uses of Waterproof Canvas Tarpaulins

Top Uses of Waterproof Canvas Tarpaulins

A canvas tarpaulin is a sizable sheet of strong, flexible, waterproof, or water-resistant material made of canvas. Waterproof canvas tarpaulins have a wide array of uses. They are highly convenient because they are breathable, extremely versatile, easy to handle and water-resistant. There are several uses of waterproof canvas tarps, which include the following:

  • Temporary shelter and relief uses
  • Covering equipment
  • Campsite covers
  • Covering firewood and wood shavings
  • Covering shrub and bush during winter
  • Protecting agricultural products during transport and in storage
  • Covering construction material during transportation
  • Covering animal feeds
  • Home and garden use
  • Temporary roof covering during renovations

Covering Equipment and Machinery

Metal equipment and machinery are prone to rust, for example, farm machinery, vehicles, car parts, etc. Using a waterproof canvas tarpaulin, you will be able to protect your farm machinery and other metal equipment from rusting. Always remember to use a breathable canvas for covering your equipment. A tarp that does not allow air to flow in causes condensation, which leads to rusting. Waterproof tarps can also be used to cover boats and yachts.

Temporary Shelter and Relief Uses

During disasters such as floods, drought, or civil wars, people are displaced and destroyed, including homes. Over the years, waterproof canvas tarps have been used for setting up temporary shelters where the affected people settle in as they wait for a permanent solution. Waterproof tarps are extremely useful in such emergencies. The shelter is easy to set up, and it serves the purpose of providing a reliable temporary shelter.

Tarps Are Used as Campsite Covers

Waterproof canvas is perfect for covering things on a campsite. You can use tarps to protect your cooking supplies and prevent light rain from soaking your food preparation area or a picnic table area.

Covering Firewood and Wood Shavings

Farmers use wood shavings as beddings for their animals. They have to dry them before spreading them as beddings. Keeping the wood shavings dry until they are ready to be used as wood shavings might be difficult during the rainy season. Using a waterproof canvas tarp, you can cover your wood shavings until they are dry. Canvas tarps are also used to prevent rain from wetting the wood. For example, in campsites or even at home when the woods are left outside to dry, you can use a waterproof tarp to cover them when it rains and at night.

Tarps Are Used to Cover Shrubs and Bush in Winter

Gardeners and farmers wrap their shrubs using burlaps during winter to protect them from snow and ice. A waterproof canvas tarp serves this purpose the same way burlaps work.

Covering Agricultural Products during Transportation or Storage

After harvesting agricultural products, they have to be transported to the market. Waterproof canvas tarps prevent water from entering the open trucks transporting the products. Waterproof tarps are also used to cover the products in storage—for example, corn after harvest and during transportation over short distances.


They are also used as bedding inside the truck for the additional safety of the products.

Waterproof Canvas Tarps Can Be Used to Cover Construction Materials

Some construction materials are delicate and may get damaged when exposed to water, for example, iron rods and lumber products. Using a waterproof canvas tarpaulin, you can protect such materials to prevent water or moisture from damaging them during transportation.

Farmers Use Waterproof Tarps to Cover Animal Feeds

Farmers use waterproof to protect animal feeds such as hay at night and during the day when it rains. If you don’t have adequate space to store your hay inside, a waterproof canvas tarp is a way to go. It keeps your hay dry all through.

Home and Garden Use

There are several applications of waterproof canvas tarps at home, namely

  • Covering bicycles
  • Covering your furniture when decorating or performing other DIY
  • Covering the ground
  • Making a shade structure- a waterproof canvas tarp is the best roof design for your shade outside the house.
  • Covering your outdoor air conditioner unit
  • Pool cover

Temporary Roof Covering During Renovations

During renovations on your roof, you need a waterproof material covering until the refurbishment is complete. A waterproof canvas tarp is the best option for such a task.


Waterproof canvas tarps have more than a dozen uses. They are reliable and convenient for almost every moisture-related problem.


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