Unimed’s SpO2 Probes: Precise Monitoring for Better Patient Care

SpO2 probes, also known as pulse oximeter sensors, are essential components in measuring oxygen saturation levels, a critical parameter in patient monitoring. Unimed recognizes the significance of these probes in delivering precise and reliable data for better patient care. By using Unimed’s SpO2 probes, healthcare providers can ensure accurate monitoring of oxygen saturation levels, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding patient treatment and management.

Wide Range of Applications for Diverse Patient Needs

Unimed offers a comprehensive range of SpO2 probe sizes to cater to the diverse needs of patients. Whether it’s adult, pediatric, infant, or neonate patients, Unimed has the right SpO2 probe size for every situation. Additionally, Unimed’s probes support different measuring positions, including finger, toe, thumb, hand, or foot applications. This versatility allows healthcare professionals to choose the most suitable probe for specific patient requirements, ensuring accurate and reliable oxygen saturation measurements.

Unimed’s Precision and Quality in SpO2 Probes

Unimed’s commitment to precision and quality is evident in their SpO2 probes. Designed with brighter LED lights, Unimed’s probes deliver exceptional accuracy, especially for patients with deep-colored fingers. This feature ensures reliable readings even in challenging circumstances, providing healthcare professionals with reliable data for accurate patient assessment.

Reliable Signal Transmission for Accurate Data

Unimed’s SpO2 probe cables are engineered with superior quality and reliability. These cables are double-shielded, offering outstanding anti-interference capabilities. The stable signal transmission provided by Unimed’s probe cables ensures that healthcare professionals receive accurate and consistent data during patient monitoring. By minimizing signal disruptions and noise interference, Unimed’s probe cables contribute to reliable and precise measurements, enhancing the overall quality of patient care.


Unimed’s SpO2 probes are precise and versatile solutions for B2B healthcare settings. With their essential role in accurate SpO2 level measurement and wide range of applications, Unimed’s SpO2 probes cater to diverse patient needs. The precision and quality of Unimed’s probes, combined with their reliable signal transmission through high-quality probe cables, contribute to better patient care and outcomes. Healthcare providers can trust Unimed’s SpO2 probes to deliver accurate and reliable oxygen saturation measurements, enabling them to provide optimal care to their patients.


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