Versatile hair idea to use at the wedding ceremony and party

Versatile hair idea to use at the wedding ceremony and party

Have you ever thought about transforming your hairstyle from a wedding ceremony into a more laid-back hairstyle for party time? Now you can! Here are some hairstyles that will make the head of many women at a wedding, so you can already have the idea of ​​versatile hair to use at the wedding ceremony and party .

  1. With just the use of a spray you can change your hairstyle quickly. The first one you will pin the bangs and in the rest of the hair you make curlers to define the curls. In the second, you will tie the hair to the side and finish with a spray, so that the strands stay in place. This is ideal for daytime weddings;
  2. Braids match any occasion, including weddings. For the first hairstyle, braid the fringe on the side by firmly inlaying it. Follow the cross until you reach the other side. To change to the second hairstyle, loosen this braid at the nape of the neck and secure the hair leaving the ends loose;
  3. A ponytail can turn into a bun and vice versa and you get a different hairstyle on both occasions.


With these hairstyles you can look beautiful on two different occasions and with great practicality. Take the opportunity to use different tiaras or barrettes, thus enhancing your hairstyle. Use this versatile hair idea to use at your wedding ceremony and party and rock it!

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