reports the things that make up the most expensive World Cup in history in Qatar

Qatar has spent nearly 400 billion USD to prepare for the final round of the World Cup 2022, including construction items of stadiums, transport infrastructure, new cities…according to Vn88 mobile newsport.

This is the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East and this event is also a great expectation of this region. The host country Qatar has jointly invested billions of dollars with neighboring countries in European football teams. And this Bay Area is also home to 5 F1 races in 2023

The fact that this Middle Eastern country won the right to host the 2022 World Cup from the beginning has caused quite a bit of controversy.

According to, there have been concerns for Qatar about issues such as restrictions on women’s rights, or the LGBT community, as well as the way it has treated migrant workers. In addition, infrastructure or accommodation is also a problem that the city of Doha needs to solve.

At the time of competing to host the World Cup finals in 2010, Qatar had only one stadium and very few hotels. By the end of 2014, the country also had only 495 km of road traffic and 28 bridges. Therefore, in the past 11 years, Qatar has spent nearly 400 billion USD to prepare for this season.

Vn88, Qatar’s most prestigious newspaper, said that unlike previous World Cups, stadiums were often scattered in cities. In Qatar, there are 8 stadiums where 64 matches are held within a radius of nearly 50 km from the capital Doha. Starting in 2009, this Middle Eastern country built 7 new stadiums and remodeled 1 stadium for the World Cup. The cost of building and remodeling stadiums has cost the country 10 billion USD.

Qatar thinks that the small area is a special thing, not a minus. Close proximity to each other and convenient transport links will allow fans to attend multiple matches in one day.

Most of the stadium will be connected by public transport, including the new subway system and fleet of electric buses. Qatar has built nearly 1,000 kilometers of new roads and metro lines in Doha worth $36 billion. This country also currently has 200 bridges, an increase of nearly 180 trees compared to the end of 2013- according to Qatar new providing information.


In addition, the face of this country also changes when there is a modern seaport, the main airport is upgraded along with Lusail – a new city in North Doha, worth $ 45 billion – a project with a total Qatar’s largest investment before the World Cup.

In 2010, this place was still a desert, but now it has become a complex of urban centers, artificial islands and Lusail Stadium – where the World Cup final is held. A representative of the country’s Vn88 mobile company said that the projects were planned in advance, but the World Cup helped speed up the progress.

Qatari officials had hoped that major infrastructure developments in preparation for the World Cup would support and boost the country’s non-energy economy. again. The rich image of this oil country has attracted tourists and many businesses. The development of seaport and road infrastructure can also boost production.


Qatar’s capital, Doha, is expected to welcome more than a million fans, or a third of the country’s population, within a month. According to, the UAE is the country with the most people buying tickets to watch the World Cup. However, the small area is also a challenge for this country. Many hotels have yet to be inaugurated before the opening date. Qatar has had to provide more non-traditional accommodation for fans such as yachts, camping in the desert, serviced apartments, etc.

At the same time, the Vn88 media must also rely on the help of neighboring countries. Every day, there are nearly 100 round-trip flights between Qatar and other cities in the Gulf, helping visitors to watch the World Cup but may not need to be in Qatar. Less than an hour away from Qatar, the UAE is expected to benefit the most in this region from the World Cup with its lighter clothing and alcohol regulations.

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