What Makes KuCoin’s Future Stand Out

What Makes KuCoin’s Future Stand Out

Kucoin is one of the leading crypto marketplaces; today, it has well over 18 million users worldwide. It enlists a large pool of cryptocurrencies, well over 600 altcoins including Bitcoin / BTC price, and has 40+ fiat currencies.

Kucoin has become the number one platform for various reasons. The major one is because it is trusted and transparent; below, we have mentioned several reasons that make it future standout.

Major Cryptocurrencies Enlisted 

Kucoin has well over 600 coins mentioning the major ones are as below

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. XRP
  4. Dogecoin / Doge price
  5. Apecoin
  6. Solana / SOL price

Kucoin is home to the best cryptocurrencies, one that is most actively traded; Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, is available for trade. It has the most market capitalization, well over $500 billion. Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. It has been investors’ and traders’ favorite alike since its launch in 2016. Prices will surge to a whopping 32000% in 2022.

XRP is also one of the famous currencies used to buy and sell NFTs. Later, XRP is also used as a medium to transfer remittances and currency exchange.


For those users who have gone through the KYC process, the platform offers a feature of Bot Trading that simplifies the trading and fully automates it; another component, such as margin trading, is also available for experienced traders and investors only.

Opportunity To Earn Interest

With Kucoin, you can earn interest over your crypto assets as Kucoin is a platform that supports crypto lending to other traders. Once you lend the coins to someone, you can charge interest over it, generating a new revenue stream.

P2P Merchant

On Kucoin, you can become a P2P merchant. That comes with many advantages, a P2P marketplace where buyer and seller interact and trade with no intervention from a third party hence lower fees and taxes. The identity of the traders is also secured; to become a P2P merchant, you have to go through more identification processes of Kucoin. Kucoins charges no transaction fees on advertisements from its P2P merchants and offers 24/7 customer support.


Kucoin is a marketplace that offers the trade of NFTs(Non-Fungible-Tokens). These are digital art with sole digital ownership to its owner. You can buy coins and invest in multiple NFT projects through Kucoin. SAND Decentraland is one of the famous tokens listed on Kucoin and famous such as Apecoin and SandBox. NFTs are the future of art and one of the essential crypto assets. More and more people are investing in these digital assets yielding lucrative returns. The whole idea of NFT became a thing when people became aware of Web 3.0, and digital ownership became a vital thing.

With the rise of emerging technologies, we will witness more progress in the crypto markets as rapidly as it is breaking traditions. We see a revolution. Don’t just sit there and waste this precious opportunity; become a part of the future and jump into the crypto industry with the leading platform Kucoin.

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