What to Expect When Hiring a Custody Attorney for Women

Men and women face different issues when going through a divorce and custody battle. That’s why hiring somebody who works as a custody attorney for women specifically will be highly beneficial for you. There are certain things you should expect from your attorney so that you can know they’re the best person for the job. Never settle for an attorney who doesn’t live up to your expectations.

7 Things You Should Expect from Your Child Custody Attorney for Women

1. Expect Openness and Honesty

You always want to look for custody lawyers for women in Columbus, OH who tell it like it is. Your attorney should not sugarcoat what’s going on or make any promises they can’t keep. They should tell you whether or not your goals are realistic. They may also go over the best and worst-case scenarios with you so you’re fully prepared for the various outcomes of this custody battle.

It’s not just your case they need to be open and honest about. They should be open about how much time they can put into your case, and they should definitely be open about their fee from the first meeting. The average divorce can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000, so you’ll want to ask your attorney for an estimate of how much this is all going to cost. An experienced attorney will be able to predict how long this will take and provide a cost estimate.

2. Expect Guidance

You need to go into this custody battle knowing what you want. Your attorney will help guide you towards a realistic goal. Do you want to share custody of your children? Are you looking to receive child support? Go over all of your desires with your attorney and you’re sure to receive guidance that will lead you towards a realistic goal.

3. Expect Them to Have a Good Legal Reputation

Always do some background research on any attorney you’re considering hiring. Check how reputable their university was. See if they’re affiliated with the American Bar Association. Do some general research about them online.

If everything comes up positive, then you’re likely working with an attorney you can trust. Knowing you can trust their legal reputation is vital as your custody attorney must know all the state laws inside and out.

4. Expect Them to Have Good Testimonials

Working with an attorney with poor client testimonials is never a good idea. You’ll set yourself up for several months of pain and irritation. You need to work with an attorney who understands your emotional distress, the financial burden, and the anxiety associated with the situation. However, they should also be highly professional and excellent at what they do. Their past client testimonials should reveal that your attorney is understanding and easy to work with.

5. Expect to Trust Them

If you don’t feel safe when speaking to your attorney, then find somebody else. It’s true that all your interactions are covered by attorney-client privilege, so they can’t repeat a word of what you say to them unless you permit them to do so in court. However, if you don’t trust that the person you’re working with will be understanding, listen to you, and treat you well, then find somebody else.

The best attorneys always listen attentively, write themselves notes as you talk about your case, and ask questions that help draw more information out of you. They should be trustworthy enough to make you feel open and comfortable while telling your story and answering these questions.

6. Expect Them to Have a Good Track Record

Ask your attorney about their case history to see if they’ve had more successful outcomes than unsuccessful ones in recent times. An attorney with lots of recent successes is somebody you know is good at their job. Also, ensure their successes are in cases similar to yours.

Please know that it’s never rude to ask about their professional history and past outcomes. You’re simply doing your job as a responsible client by finding out more about the person you’re considering trusting with your family’s future.

7. Expect Them to Have Excellent People Skills

Your attorney needs to know how to get along with different types of people throughout your case. They should be able to win over the judge and other courtroom officials to get them on your side. They need to communicate effectively with you, the court, and everybody else involved in the situation. An attorney with the right people skills to get you through this case will get you closer to your desired outcome.

You should always expect impeccable professionalism, trustworthiness, listening skills, and other favorable qualities in your attorney. Furthermore, expect them to be in good professional standing. Working with an attorney with the right mix of professionalism and pleasant qualities will get you one step closer to the outcome you desire.

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